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Year Round Homeschooling

If you aren’t familiar with homeschooling, there is just SO much out there!  We are in our 4th year of homeschooling already, and while there are some great days, we also have days that have challenges.

I am writing this article because I know a lot of people think about doing homeschooling right before and during a long break. It could be that you are thinking of homeschooling because things just aren’t clicking for you or your child at school. Winter break is a great time to have a pause and think about whether homeschooling could be right for your family.

Our family does year round homeschooling-which really allows us to take a lot of time off if we want to travel, do other activities or if the kids need a break. Every day has opportunities to learn, whether it is structure in workbooks or just observing the world around us.

Year round homeschooling also allows us to take advantage of the seasons better than a traditional school. Phoenix in the summer is HOT! There are plenty of opportunities to have fun in Phoenix during the summer, but the winter is when we can spend the most time outside. We love being outside and doing hikes with our family and enjoying different parks around the valley.

The downside of year round homeschooling is to fit our kids into the boxes that society puts them in at certain ages and grade levels. It can be really confusing when your kids may be doing different grade level work for different subjects, but when you enroll them in a sport or class, they ask for your child’s grade.  It took my kiddos a while to realize that the “grade” they were in was not as important as learning the material that they have!

Year round homeschooling really gives our family a lot of freedom to move through subjects at an easy pace and really enjoy learning. I am a big fan of trying to keep the pressure of learning low so that we can maximize the enjoyment from learning. Homeschooling really doesn’t have to resemble a school at home-instead it can be “home where you enjoy learning”.

I’m happy to answer questions about homeschooling or point you to resources. I’m far from an expert, but I love to help others who are thinking about homeschooling.

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