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Xtreme Air Zone 2 Ray Road Chandler

Xtreme Air Zone 2 on Ray Road in Chandler has a ninja course, trampolines, toddler area, dodgeball court and Toddler zone!

This location is currently permanently closed

Xtreme Air Zone has two Chandler locations, one on Pecos Road and One on Ray Road. We visited the one on Ray Road, which was right next to the Chandler Sunset Library.

xtreme air check in

The check in was right in the center and very close to the entrance and exit. There were tablets to do the waiver. My only issue was how dark the whole area was. While it did make it feel cooler in the building, the dark made it hard to adjust from the bright outside and I felt like I was going to run into people. The waivers required you to enter in a drivers licence, and I could not see my drivers license-even when putting it up against the screen.

To the right was a huge trampoline area with boulders to climb and jump off of. No socks were required for the facility, but may be helpful for some.

trampolines at xtreme air

My kids loved climbing up the “pyramid” at the trampolines and jumping off. There were lots of angled trampolines as well.

foam jump at xtreme air zone

The foam jump was a huge pit of foam blocks. It was not in a great location, unfortunately, as it was up a set of stairs and kind of secluded from the rest of the facility. I could see down to the trampoline floor, however I could not see up to the foam pit.

Ninja Course Xtreme Air Zone

The Ninja Adventure course had kids running in and out of it, so the course was not exactly run like a course but just obstacles. If it were busier, I’m sure that the kids would be directed more than they were. The Ninja Course at Xtreme Air Zone 2 was specifically for kids 6 and up, but there was a little bit of leeway since it was pretty empty when we went. I think the Ninja Adventure course would be better for 8 and up given the size of the obstacles. Giggles is a large 6 year old and she wasn’t able to do many of obstacles but had fun anyhow.

Xtreme air zone what is this?

Next to the Ninja course was this area. I have no idea what it was for.

bathrooms snack bars and lockers

The men’s bathrooms was close to the trampoline floor and the women’s was on the far side by the dodge ball and basketball courts. There was one birthday room that I saw and a snack bar. Near the men’s bathroom were lockers, but it looked like you needed your own lock.

toddler area xtreme air zone

The toddler area at Xtreme Air Zone 2 had a wonderful climber and was towards the front of the complex. The kids really loved all the obstacles in it. I will warn parents that if your child is little and gets scared easily, this may not be the climber for them. As an adult, it looked pretty dicey to get in and out of! The spaces were small and somewhat tricky for a full sized adult.

In the toddler area, there were also two lanes for jumping. Dodgeball and basketball courts filled the rest of the space at Xtreme Air zone.

I do have to give the staff a big thanks for helping my Dimples down from the Ninja Wall.

Unfortunately, I did not capture them actually making it up the wall. Shame on mom for not staring at her phone and being present instead (Ha HA). Once the runner gets to the top of the Xtreme Air Zone Ninja wall, they either have to slide back down OR go down a fire pole. Dimples didn’t like either option. After a few moments of negotiations, I positioned myself underneath the “fire pole hole” and Dimples dropped down on me with assistance from the staff.

Sigh! That was difficult! But, the staff was super patient.

I liked a lot of the features at Xtreme Air Zone 2, but there were some features I didn’t quite understand either! The kids had fun, inside, on a hot day. And that’s what matters anyhow!

The Basics

Xtreme Air Zone 2 Chandler

4960 E Ray Rd

Chandler, AZ

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