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Wupatki National Monument

We checked out Wupatki National Monument while we were a few miles away at Sunset Crater which is nearby. It is also near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We often do some traveling with our friend Ashley and her family from a Day in the Life of Mom .

Wupatki is located at 25137 N Sunset Crater-Wupatki Loop Rd

Although the website said they take debit and credit card only, we had our pass for every fourth grader goes free (please see our Sunset Crater Post for that story).

Wupatki is Hopi for “Tall house”. From different sites, I found that people gathered here around 1100, about 100 year after the eruption of the Sunset Crater Volcano. Probably 85-100 people lived here. This was named a national monument in 1924 by President Calvin Coolidge.

This is me with a selfie from the visitors’ area. There are bathrooms at the visitors’ area, but no food. So make sure you have your own snacks. Look at the red rock compared to the black volcanic rock at Sunset Crater. It is so cool to see the difference.

The Wupatki monument also has meeting areas and a ball court. Honestly, the ball court and meeting area didn’t look that different to me. But, I guess I’m not much of an archaeologist!

One had seating and one didn’t. I guess that was the biggest difference.

At the end of the path that Munchie was walking on was a very cool blow hole. I don’t think I can do a great job summarizing it, so I encourage you to read the linked document!

Here is a link to a more colorful explanation that might be more kid friendly.

I highly suggest taking Loop road out to 89 to see the other pueblos since you are out in the area! There are a few other cool pueblos and Citadel Sink, which is acidic rainwater seeped through cracks in the surface of the ground. It dissolved limestone below the surface and created the surface to cause it to collapse. It is about 600′ in diameter.

Check out Nalakihu Pueblo and Citadel Pueblo on your way back to Flagstaff!

The Basics

Wupatki National Monument Arizona

is located at 25137 N Sunset Crater-Wupatki Loop Rd

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