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World of Illumination Vs Zoomtown Lights at ISM Raceway

I have had a lot of questions about this lately-Which light show should I go to, Vicki?

Just like my “Which Zoo should I go to post? (Wildlife World Zoo vs Phoenix Zoo), I decided that I should give you guys a comparison post so that you could make the decision for yourself!

This year, World of Illumination has two locations again, but switched from Norterra area (north Phoenix) to Glendale and Tempe. This is for 2019. Norterra previously had the Holiday Avenue, where patrons could get out of their cars and go through a themed winterland area with Santa, food vendors and bounce houses. This is not available at the Tempe or Glendale areas.

Zoomtown Lights at ISM Raceway in Avondale will be offering, on Friday nights, Santa as part of their package. Also, Zoomtown will be offering discount days.

  • Military/First responder Mondays: Active or Retired Military and First Responder with Proper ID may receive $5 off regular price per car
  • Two can Tuesdays : Guest who bring two cans of food for donation to St. Mary’s Food Bank will receive $5 off regular price per car
  • West Valley Wednesdays: West Valley Residents wil valid ID may receive $5 off regular price per car
  • Family Fridays:Enjoy Complimentary photos with Santa, Specialty display and much more!

The Comparison

zoomtown lights

Zoomtown Lights in Avondale is a more tame experience with more classical Christmas music. Zoomtown Lights is a wonderful display of Americana, with themes such as fairy land, cars, Santa, Christmas under the sea and lots of twinkling and moving lights. I really like Zoomtown because its a calming experience and the lights are plentiful. There are also a few places where you can overlook the entire display, which is incredible!

Zoomtown Lights is really great for kids who might be light sensitive or have sensory issues. This may also be a great drive for grandparents who want a more classical Christmas approach.

World of Illumination is great for your tweens and teens who love lots lights moving and know the top music hits. Music and lights are choreographed. If you like a lot of flashing lights, top hits, World of Illumination might be your light show. World of Illumination has two locations in Tempe and Glendale near Westgate.

Both locations (2019) have online ticketing options and have discounts on Groupon.

World of Illumination

Located at 93rd Avenue and Maryland Avenue near Westgate and at the Diablo Stadium in Tempe

Shows go through January 5th

Zoomtown Lights

Shows are at the ISM Raceway in Avondale and go through December 31st. Discounts are available on certain days (see above) at location!

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