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Wings of Freedom Tour

I love when I get to see something on Groupon that looks like it will be super fun for my kids. And, the Wings of Freedom tour had planes, history and once again, PLANES!

The Wings of Freedom Tour is going on for just a few days at the Goodyear Airport. Since my kids love planes and Munchie (8) loves history, I figured a Groupon paired with Ebates would be great for my kiddos. Unfortunately the weather had to be pretty hot, but we had a good time and the kids loved exploring the planes.

Unfortunately, nothing was marked to where this was so I was on a wild plane chase. Luckily my GPS was happy with me today and decided it would help me find where to go.

If you are coming from the North, you will take Litchfield RD to West Goodyear Parkway and follow it to about where it says “FLY at Goodyear. There was a parking lot to the right, and that’s where we “parked” it. We headed towards the door where it said “Lux Air Jet Centers” and entered through there to a small lobby. There were no signs stating that the Wings of Freedom Tour was in the building. I was hoping to find someone to ask, but as we approached the door I saw a flyer on the window. The flyer didn’t give me much detail, so we went into a small lobby and waiting area. The people were kind and pointed me the right direction. There were also bathrooms to the right.

BAthrooms wings tour

We walked a little ways inside to a hanger where there were three airplanes on display. At this point I was a bit worried that this was it.

airplanes hangar wings of freedom

The planes didn’t look very “WWII” esque, so of course my inquisitive 8 year old was asking about the bombs on these planes. Oh, Munchie, not the place to be talking about that. I asked one lady who was sitting in front of the “gift shop” what the planes were and she said it was a for a dive bombing school. Oh, ok.


Gift Sho[

There were patches and information on Display, but I wasn’t able to get to read most of them. Munchie, of course, wanted a toy on display and was sad that we didn’t get it-for that minute. Do you have a hard time getting kids out of “gift shops” too?


The first plane we saw was the “Flying Fortress” .It was 19 feet tall and 74 ft long and has a wingspan of 103 feet. I won’t pretend that I know much else about it, but you can read more about it. The kids had fun climbing in and out of it! This was just what I was lookin g for for the kids! When I told them about 10 people would be in there, they couldn’t believe it! Adults can go in it too, but I’ll warn ya it is TIGHT!

If you have a little extra cash, you can also go on a flight!

And then there was the Liberator!

Fun painting on the planesKids

The Liberator!!Inside the Plane

Inside the plane and checking out how big the wings are!

We went on a hot day, and unfortunately it is the only time it is in town! But, I should have done a little more research on all of this before I went. My boys did not want to leave, but Giggles was getting over heated so I begrudgingly left with them. They had a blast climbing in and out of the planes and exploring, and there was a lot to touch. However, if you go into the planes they are EXTREMELY tight. So, if you are babywearing you will NOT fit through easily, if at all. This is a great activity for stable walkers and older. There were no other people under the age of 50 (other than us) while we were there on a Monday afternoon, so know that it doesn’t draw a big daytime kid crowd!

Grab your Groupon, and check it out! Really cool to see the planes and maybe even do a little bit of history lessons along with it. Or, just watch some planes take off and land.

The Basics

Wings of Freedom

Traveling but at Goodyear Airport until 4/11/18 at 5pm




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