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Wildlife World Zoo Vs. Phoenix Zoo

A question I have seen asked a lot is “Which is better, Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park or Phoenix Zoo in Phoenix”?

That’s a hard question to answer-Because it really depends on what you are looking for with a zoo!

If you are looking for a membership, both are pricey. However, if you plan on going more than 2 times during a year, having a membership is definitely worth the cost.

If you are looking for which zoo I like best. Well, I actually can’t pick. I like them both for different reasons.

Wildlife World Zoo


  1. West Valley- If you live in the West Valley, it is closeby.
  2. The Size of Wildlife World Zoo is amazing. It is really larger than it seems from the 303
  3. Aquarium buildings are available for cool summer outings. There are multiple Aquarium buildings right near the entrance, and there is Dillon’s Restaurant. You can eat and look at the shark tank
  4. Coupons-You can usually find at least a $5 coupon, and sometimes you can find a BOGO coupon (Buy one Get One)
  5. Wildlife World Zoo is relatively flat
  6. There are many different buildings to go into-a nature center, lizard areas, monkey buildings and more
  7. There are a lot of shaded areas with Trees and picnic tables
  8. Different shows available-bird show, sea life show


  1. For one trip, you probably won’t see it all, because it is so large.
  2. The rides are $6 and up per person, if not on a field trip.
  3. The roads are not paved, so it can be dusty
  4. No water features to stay cool other than flume ride

Phoenix Zoo



  1. Water features-Two different splashpads for cooling
  2. Summer night time events, holiday events (Zoolights, Howloween, Summer events, camps)
  3. Mostly Paved walkways
  4. Rides are $3 for members and up
  5. Play features and playgrounds throughout the park
  6. New Indoor Restaurant with seating
  7. Summer hours (7-2, members only 6am)
  8. Large enough to keep you busy from opening to close!


  1. From the west valley, distance is the biggest issue
  2. It is hilly
  3. Must exit through gift shop.
  4. Not many indoor areas to look at animals
  5. Night events have extra cost, even to members.
  6. Picnic benches are not as available as WWZ

Have you had a membership to either zoo? What do you think about our comparisons? What would you add?



  1. Avatar Margo on March 26, 2019 at 8:39 pm

    Wildlife memberships are way more expensive for large families (have to pay per person) than phx. But you get closer up experiences at wildlife (and can feed giraffes). The rides at wildlife are fun but add up with lots of kids.

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