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Wildflower North Park Goodyear

We love seeing that a park has had an update, and Wildflower North Park has a beautiful upgrade!

Wildflower Park North in Goodyear

The park has had a wonderful upgrade of a newer and larger shade with all new play items below the shade!

Netting at Wildflower Park North Goodyear

There were a number of different ways to climb on the new structure! Nets, rock walls and tons of metal climbing contraptions.

Climbing structures Wildflower park north

This is the view from the other side. There was also a cute area (it looks like windows) where kids could have dramatic play and some seating. Be careful if you are an adult-its tight in there!

Goodyear Wildflower Park North slide and rock climbing wall

A twisty slide beckons you to come check it out from all these climbing contraptions. There is also some chimes on top for the kids to play. Sticks work really well to make the sound, or even your shoe!

baby swing wildflower park north

One baby swing at the park, which I was happy to see was somewhat under the shade. However, I wished there was more baby swings. You can also see they added a few more wiggly items and spinners for toddlers!

swing wildflower park north

But the best part of this park was definitely this new swing! Big kids can swing in it, little kids can swing in it or a mom and a kid. Two preteen girls were swinging in it when I came up and they were so nice to get out of it so I could take this picture (Thank you girls!). And, then they rushed back to it! Super fun AND comfortable too!

swing wildflower park north goodyear

I mean, doesn’t that look like a swing you just want to sit in and relax for a bit? I think so! And, you can watch your kids while they climb at the park!!

We love all the updates at Wildflower Park North in Goodyear!

We love finding our new parks! There is a Wildflower North Park and a Wildflower South Park, both located in the Wildflower neighborhood in Goodyear South of West Van Buren St.


Although the address for Wildflower North Park is on Monroe Street, the best place for parking near the playground was to go south on Shooting Star Drive and then turn west on West Jeffferson street. All of the streets facing the park are culdesacs and there is room to park right on the street.

It was not a far walk (or run) to the playground from our car, but there was a bit of a slope. Be careful with your wee walkers!

This park also had a nice shade, and a small ramada with two picnic benches. Unfortunately, there were no bathrooms, but there is a Safeway minutes away on Van Buren and N Estrella Parkway.

There were manipulatives to play with (match the animals), and I think the circle was missing a bubble play toy.

A somewhat twisty slide. It looks like some parts had either been painted or switched out in the past.

A twisty slide!

A lot of stairs. They were worn, but not in horrible condition. Just be careful of the unevenness in the mulch, and the openings to the sides for the wee walkers.

And a climber with an extra challenge of wiggling.

One little lonely rocker was available outside of the shade (darn) and two big kid swings and two baby swings. There was also ample green space for your kiddos that like to run or play frisbee, as well as a sidewalk around the inside of the park.

This park was fun for my kiddos, but definitely looked well loved and well worn. I know I have a few mommas that like parks with just mulch, so this one is for you!!

The Basics

Wildflower North Park

Best Parking-S Shooting Star Drive and W Jefferson St

Goodyear AZ


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