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Why I don’t like to share!

If you are reading this sentence, you might think I am the world’s worst mother in the world. She doesn’t want to share with her kids? Why would she bring a beautiful child into the world if she didn’t want to share?

But hold on, let me explain!

My kids are dirty. I love them, but they are filthy, dirty creatures. And, yours are too. I’m sorry if I have to break the news to you!

dimples candy apple

My kids have eaten things that no one should eat, and have touched things no one should touch. Remember the scene from “Elf” where Will Ferrell eats Gum he finds on the handle of the subway station?

I wouldn’t put it past my kids to do that!

In fact, we were at a baseball game and my daughter, Giggles, who was six at the time asked me for yet another snack. I told her she needed to wait a bit. She saw popcorn and really, really wanted it.

I was speaking with one of our relatives when out of the corner of my eye, I saw her pop something in her mouth. I looked at her quickly, and her eyes bulged open.

“What did you put in your mouth?” I asked.

She shook her head, trying to avoid answering me. I had her open her mouth and inside was a piece of popcorn. No one we knew had bought popcorn. In her desperation for popcorn, she found a piece and at some off of the floor! UGHHHH!

The ice cream, hot dog, and chips she had just had wasn’t enough, I guess.

ice cream sharing with kids

My oldest, Munchie, is my famous backwasher. Give him any bottle of water or any cup of water, and its sure to be backwashed.

Which is why I make sure that every outing includes a bottle of water for each child and myself. I learned early on that sharing my water was worthless. I might as well just hand it over to my kids. Unbelievably, I do not like my water chunky!

I also don’t like sharing chips, or anything with dip with my children. Instead, I always, ALWAYS give them their own bowls and dip. Just like the backwashing and sticking hands where they don’t belong, my kids are notorious finger lickers. I love my kids, but don’t like their germs so much. So, family style is just not my style. Give me a couple extra containers for dishing everything out for my germ sanity, please!

What Will I Share?

But, I will share hugs, books, snuggles and good times! Let the good times roll! We have had so many great memories with our kids, that I love to experience all of those. I hope that you take out your camera to take a picture to remind you of all the great memories you are making with your children. Our kids remember some of the simplest things, like times when we played baseball in the field, or when mom and dad climbed up in climbers at a fun park and played with them.

It’s all about perspective. Share in the memories. Then, go wash your hands thoroughly as you enjoy a meal celebrating your day!

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