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White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Update 2017-December

Much of the trail is now paved to be even more accessible!

The waterfall portion (cavelike) is not paved and is quite rocky. However, you can still get some great views from the paved area!

Last weekend, I convinced my hubby to go out to see the White Tank Mountain Regional Park. I think he fell in love with it’s beauty, as I had when we visited the White Tank Branch Library. The entrance fee, per day per passenger is car, is a reasonable 6 dollars. Wow! After you see the amenities we saw, $6 is a GREAT deal.

The ranger at the entrance station asked us if we wanted a map, and I am so glad we got one.  I didn’t look at one before we went, but for your viewing pleasure, here is a link to the map so you can scope it out before you go. In hindsight, that would have been our better option for us.

We had spoken to a few people before we went, and they had all recommended the “Waterfall Trail” (see area #6 on this map) because it was stroller friendly and a pretty easy walk. If you take a look at the map, it shows “barrier free” trails, meaning that it is relatively flat and smooth. The entire path of the “Waterfall Trail” is not barrier free, but I will get to that. (Here’s a link to other barrier free trails in the area).

We entered the park and drove to area #6, which is off of Waterfall Canyon Road. (Roads in a park are totally new to me!). As we drove past area #4, I saw they had a small playground under a canopy. We didn’t stop there, but we hope to check it out next time we go. I love the canopies over the playscape! So nice!

We entered the nice, paved parking lot near the entrance to the “Waterfall Trail”, and noticed that there were bathrooms. A great stop for us, as Munchie usually realizes he needs to go at the most inopportune times.

IMG_2513I was extremely please at how clean the bathrooms were, and pleasantly surprised that there were actually flushing toilets and running water, instead of a latrine style bathroom! However, there was no baby changing station in the bathroom.

IMG_2518Near the entrance of the “Waterfall Trail” was this map of information. Along the trail there was also other information about the plants, animals and native people of the area.

IMG_2517I wish we had read this sign a little more carefully. As I said before, the entire trail was not barrier free. However, my husband had a great time pushing our Double Bob stroller (with three kids in/on it) for most of the path.

IMG_2521This was almost at the end of the “barrier free” portion, but I had to include this because of the cool rainbow that I managed to take a picture of.

IMG_2522Instead of a “waterfall” this is all that water that was in the small enclosed area. The best time to go, according to AZ Central, is right after a rain storm. Since it hasn’t rained in almost two months here, there was very little water.  To get to this area, there are about twenty “rock stairs”, totally inaccessible by stroller. I also do not recommend this area for walking toddlers. There are many rocks along the path and unsteady footing.

The “cool” part of this area where the water was, was that it was SO much cooler. As it was totally in shade, it felt as if it were 15-20 degrees cooler where this water was. My husband stayed with Dimples and Giggles in the stroller, but Munchie and I explored up here for a few minutes. It was truly awesome.

If you do go with a stroller, I highly recommend going with someone else so you can take turns visiting this area. Once again, I wouldn’t recommend going up with a toddler or even carrying a baby up the rock stairs as it is uneven footing.

After we got back to the parking lot, Munchie and Dimples were ready to get out of the stroller and do a little fun exploring of their own. Across from the parking lot we were at was an awesome playscape, once again, shaded with a canopy!IMG_2527

The only downfall I saw was that there was only one bench for us tired parents who climbed the mountain.




IMG_2534After climbing all of the fun stairs and slides, Munchie and Giggles chose to just lay in the sand! Go for it kids!

IMG_2532Munchie also checked out this cool teeter totter that fit four kids. He anxiously was awaiting the swings that were behind him.

There is just so much to do at the White Tank Mountain Regional park! I hope that we get to go quite a few more times to explore more. I encourage you to check out Area #6 for now !


The Basics

20304 W White Tank Mountain Rd, Waddell, AZ 85355



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