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Whipples Fun Center

Whipples is closed-2019

We were invited to check out Whipples Fun Center during their Family and Friends day! You can also check out their hours on their Facebook page!


Whipples is located in North Central Phoenix at 1510 E Bell Rd, and has beautiful views of Buffalo Ridge (which will be important in a few paragraphs!). The entrance to Whipples is on the East side, so parking closer to the car dealership is more ideal if possible.


When you enter, you will see a nice seating area available so parents can check in their kids (waivers can also be done ahead of time and are good for one year). Also, plan on bringing socks or wearing them, but they will also be for sale.


My kids were hanging out as we signed them in.


My advice to you before you go, is to check out their prices and packages. You can do each item a la cart, or you can get an hour to a few hours worth of play. It is all put on a Whipples electronic card, like a credit card-(bring it back the next time you play!)



The activities available are-

Ballocity(The climber)great for ages 2 and up.

The ball shooters were a big hit with even our littlest guy!


The balls were air pressured around the whole climber, and the balls even collect at the top of the climber and drop down (think New Years Eve confetti drop!). There is also a three lane slide from the top level of the climber.



There is also a small space in the climber just for crawlers (the air machines are separated by a net but will have something less see through in the future). This is a great area for those small ones who may just be toddling and need some space to wiggle.

The Trampoline (I would say three and up, but a steady jumpy littler one “might” be ok).


The trampoline is a 5 “stall” trampoline, so each jumper has their individual area with netting around it (for protection against head bumps and trips).

Spin Zone (bumper cars) -5+ and up

Munchie was just bordering on being able to do the bumper cars effectively even though he is almost 7. He is a smaller guy, but was really wanting to check this out! So, Munchie and I did!

The bumper cars have two controllers on the left and right side of the chair. I honestly didn’t feel like I got a good hang of controlling them, but that is ok. The music starts pumping and you start bumping. There are about 8 cars on the floor and it’s a smaller floor so you can’t get up to a high speed, which is good for the safety aspect. The operator can also put the chairs into “chaos” mode, so they all spin and move, even when no one is in them. The operator can also put the chairs into auto mode for the whole experience, if you wish. We were the only two on the ride at the time, but it was a lot of fun. If you are prone to motion sickness (this poor momma doesn’t spin like she used to) you may want to approach with caution.

The Laser Tag-6+

Munchie and my husband went into this by themselves (Husband is an Army Infantry Veteran, so he was PUMPED). I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t go, because I really love laser tag myself, but the littles were too little to go.


Giggles immediately pointed out it was a kitki (her way of saying “Tiki”) and, this design is customized was made just for Whipples! 

The laser tag “recruits” watch a video and get instruction in a small room on what to expect once they enter, and then they are suited up.

There is team and individual play available, and on each vest/laser gun is a “game name”. My husband was “Gauntlet” and Munchie was “Paragon”. This is important information for the end of the game!


Here’s Munchie all geared up! You can see the little screen on his gun-where it shows his name.


The tiki theme continues inside with great designs, and of course, places to hide and wait for your prey! There are two levels of play, along with twists and turns to get you all mixed up! Black lights, music and fog are also a part of the game!

At the end of your game, you take off your vest and then exit to see your name on the screen with your score.



You can check out your team score and your individual score!

Laser Frenzya self contained “box” that is a laser maze (or laser stomp for the littler ones) to test your skills!

Not included on the hourly game block card is a variety of different types of arcade games!

Arcade games earn points on your card that can be traded in for prizes!


Also noteworthy are the bathrooms-a multistall mens and multisall womens bathroom, along with two family bathrooms with changing tables in both.


Now that we have gone over the fun for the kids, let’s talk about what it has for the adults! The design was inspired by the owner’s wanting to make birthday parties and get-togethers fun for both the kids, and the adults. Having a kids birthday party can be hectic, so the owners wanted to make sure that there were sight lines throughout the facility-you can see where your kids are from many different areas of the building. Also, so the kid party would even let the parents have a conversation with each other!  And, the menu is kid friendly, but will continue to evolve into a little more gourmet for parents taste (Their pizza was excellent!).


There are four party rooms available-two that can turn into one large room, one room up in the front of the building near the entrance, and a small one near the cafe.


Rooms will have TVs in the in the future with options to put in a video or slideshow-etc!


The main cafe and area hangout spot for adults, with the possibility even of seeing the whole play area from your seat! There also will be TVs mounted over the cafe for sporting events or HGTV shows . Outdoor seating with great views is also in the works.

Whipples Fun Center is definitely going to be the go to place for kid birthday parties and inside fun. I recommend age 5+ for most of the activities as this place is geared towards the 6-13 aged group, but little ones can definitely have fun in the Ballocity! If you have older kids that can play on their own without constant supervision (7+) you’ll be able to sit down, enjoy a great snack and catch up with your parent friends or PTA or Parent group.

The Basics

Whipples Fun Center

1510 E Bell Rd -Phoenix, AZ

We received complimentary passes to check out Whipples Fun Center. Opinions are 100% my own. Outdoor picture and slide picture were provided by Whipples Fun Center.


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