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Where are we without goals?

Being a homeschool Mom, I make goals for my kids almost every day. And sometimes my goal for myself is to make it through the day without yelling. A big things I have had to deal with, for myself, is not grinding my teeth when I get upset or when the kids are making a lot of noise. It’s kind of a silly goal!

As parents, I think we are constantly making goals for our children. Whether it’s for them to ride their bike without training wheels, read a book to themselves, or just learning to use the bathroom, our days are filled with goals for them.


Then, we sometimes lose our own self in the mix. Our goals intertwine with our children’s, and then ultimately become our goals. I remember potty training Munchie, and thinking how great it would be to only have one child in diapers. Or teaching Dimples how to use a spoon so he could feed himself. Or having Giggles put on her shoes by herself. Those goals were really for my children, but I had to implement them.

My days are filled with lofty ideas and a few goals. I have long range goals, short range goals, and “ha ha if I could even try” goals. And, sometimes (a lot of times) they cause stress, but sometimes they also help relieve stress.

half marathon pic

My goals as of today 9/21/2015

  • keep running and training for my half marathons in December and February
  • start getting winter activities together for my blog
  • Find more places to go with my kids
  • Have a few more date nights with my husband
  • Work on getting my playgroups that our family has joined, together for at least one holiday type of event
  • Work with more out of state or newly relocated families for Real Estate and help others enjoy what can be a scary process.

What are your goals? I’d love to hear them!! Let’s pump each other up!

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