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What about Santa in 2020?

I was walking around Michael’s the other day and saw the Christmas decorations out already, which wasn’t a surprise to me. I started thinking about Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is one of my favorite characters. When I was in the hospital with epilepsy, I thought one of the doctors was an elf coming to visit me. Santa has always been one of those comfortable traditions for me. Sadly, our youngest has found out the truth about Santa. This year will be our first year not doing the tradition of Santa in our household.

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Joan have played Mr. and Mrs. Claus for as long as I remember. They would study all the Christmas catalogs they could get their hands on, go into the stores and look at the toy shelves. For My Uncle Bob and Aunt Joan, they live the part.

Photo Courtesy of My Record

For other Santas, they walk into children’s hospitals and give hope to children who might not have another Christmas, or even a tomorrow. The Santas go into nursing homes and bring joy to the elderly as well. There are schools for Santa Claus, gatherings for Santa Claus, and even conservatories for Santas. People who dedicate their life to bring a smile to a child, even for a short time.

I have taken my picture with Santa, and have had many wonderful pictures of my children with Santa over the years. But this year seems like it will be different. Santa Claus has always been superhuman to me. These men, dressing up in red costumes in the middle of cold and flu season to take drippy, snotty nosed children onto their laps and listen to their every want and desire. Santas take on screaming children, tired moms and do it all for a hopefully great picture perfect smile.

Santa visits going forward

But, what will happen this year? Will this become an ancient tradition that we archive because it is no longer safe?

Fun traditions that we took for granted last year and the years before are seemingly looking like a memory that is getting further and further away in our review mirror. I am not looking for a mask debate nor am I looking for a social distancing debate, but to ponder the traditions that we hold dear to us. What will happen to them? Will they be the same?

While I know that Santa Clause as “one person” isn’t real, I believe that there are many people around the world that embody the spirit of Santa, and I truly believe we need that spirit alive and well to bring hope to not only children but adults right now too. While I don’t need any new toys or gadgets, I could use an uplifted spirit from good belly chuckle and a twinkling eye of an all knowing soul.

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