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Washington Park Phoenix

This wonderful park in the Alhambra section of Phoenix right off of i17 is huge! When one of my friends posted a picture of her kids at the park, I went the very next day to take some pictures of it, even though my kids weren’t with me. I knew that my kids might be upset that they didn’t get to see this park, but it was worth a trip anyhow!

This park also includes a pool at the west side of the park where the parking is. Unfortunately, the playgrounds of the park are not near the parking! Oarking is also available near the Washington Activity Center (Address is 2240 W Citrus Way Phoenix) and off of 21st Avenue near the Baseball fields.

The pool wasn’t filled for the winter, as you can see. There was one pool for swimming laps and one pool for wading. A shaded area for sitting nearby. A pool house was available for checking in, getting changed and using the bathrooms was to the left of this picture.

Further into the park were many paved trails! This park was really immense! a large sandy lot had a toddler playscape and a large big kid playscape. A mom with her toddler were playing on the toddler playscape so I didn’t want to interrupt them. It had a nice toddler sized slide, climbing features and was perfect for little ones.

The big kid playscape just had everything a big kid could want. With lots of monkey bars of every type, and lots of different slides.

washington park playground

Kids would have lots of great fun on this huge playscape. The only downsides to this playscape were the lack of shade and no bathrooms nearby! The closest bathrooms were at the baseball field to the east.

Two different sets of swings were available. One set of big kids swings and one set of baby swings. None were under shades unfortunately.

washington park playground

From this picture you can get a little peak of the toddler playground. The mom and the toddler were playing so nicely that I didn’t want to interrupt!

A soccer field to the north of the playground was available as well.

But Wait, there’s more..

The other cool kid feature of this park was the Challenge course (or Ninja Course).

The first picture gives you instructions on how to do it properly, according to their rules. Or, you can just try it your own way.

I had a lot of fun just trying to get onto one of the little yellow things-or as I call them-swiss cheese!

The ninja obstacles look super fun for the older kids who might want a little more challenge than just the usual playscapes. The challenge course is on the western part of the park. Unfortunately, not near the playground.

Washington Park also has a lovely tennis center too!

tennis courts

If you are looking for a different park in Phoenix, this park has great walking trails and a great playscape-plus flat grounds if you need a pick up game of football, soccer or frisbee! Washington Park was very quiet during the week too!

And, if you bring a furry friend, there is also a gated dog park near the Tennis courts too!

The Basics

Washington Park Phoenix

6655 N 23rd Ave Phoenix

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