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Veteran’s Memorial Park-Tolleson

If you are looking for a fantastic park for the bigger kids (4+), toddlers, dog walkers and those who like sitting in the shade, Veteran’s Memorial Park has all of it. I was so excited to find this park and wondered why we had never ventured this way. One of the best parks ever.

Ok, I know, enough chatter! Why is it the best park?


We started at one of the most important things to me-the bathrooms. They are on the other side of a concession stand and face the playground. The bathrooms face the playgrounds and the concession stand faces a amphitheater.


This was the great playground/climbing feature for the older kids. Munchie had a blast climbing all over (and in) the different pieces. There were also spinner chairs (mommy tried it and it felt worse than my worst hangover ever), and these different platforms with springs on it. I stood on those for a while and made a good workout doing squats on it! This playground reminded me of a dinosaur skeleton. You could climb through the grey loops, which kind of reminded me of a spine. I’m always looking for something to link play with school because I home school (I will be posting more Home School blog posts in the future!).


Spiderweb climbers and the platforms with springs. Be careful jumping from one to another parents!



Another look at the monkey bars and the grey “vertebrae” loops. And, this playground is shaded too!


And a few nice benches to sit in underneath a tree. In the background you can see a covered area, and a amphitheater stage.



This is the “toddler” playground! Also shaded and Huge! Further from the parking lot but yet close enough so you can keep an eye on your big and little guys all at the same time.



See-saw and two springy motorcycles (this must be a very popular one, because at numerous parks they are all #8!)


The popular roller slide. If you haven’t seen one of these before, its pretty interesting. If your children have long hair, just be careful as pieces of the slide spin. Also, if you are an adult, with a semi bony bottom, its not very comfortable to go down. Do not try what my Munchie was trying to do, which is to go up it.


A closer look of the rollers, thank you Dimples for the display.


Stairs and whatever this riverish climber is.


A little “rock wall” with handles


A little dramatic play steering wheel action and the “walkie talkie” microphones. I like that there are two steering wheels. The creators of this playground knew that there would be kids fighting over them. There is also a table/benches underneath the rock wall area for more dramatic play. My kids played restaurant.


There is also a nice ramada with picnic benches closer to the toddler playground.

This park was excellent. The bathrooms were immaculate and everything was clean. The playgrounds are filled with mulch, so there’s always getting some trapped inside a child’s shoe that might be uncomfortable. However, this park definitely would be on my top 5 parks. The playgrounds are far from the parking lot, and the parking lot is off of the street. There were plenty of people around walking dogs, and it abuts a neighborhood very closely (sorry neighbors if we were loud). The park is also gated off at night

The Basics

Veteran’s Memorial Park

8601 W Van Buren Street

Tolleson, AZ

This Park includes: Walking trails, ramadas, benches, water fountain, bathrooms, shaded play areas, toddler friendly, baseball fields, walking trails


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