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Veramonte Splash Pad

Update 2019- Veramonte park replaced the strange “turn on” system that was in the floor with a pole with a button turn on. So much easier and makes a lot more sense!

Veramonte Park Splashpad

The rest of the splashpad remains them same, although I wish they would have smoothed out some of the edges. Thanks to our readers for letting us know of this awesome update.

When I heard that there was going to be a remodel of Veramonte Park to include a splashpad and a bathroom, I was SO excited. This park on Litchfield and Larkspur (or 140th Lane) is in the Veramonte Community. Before the bathroom, splashpad, and  parking lot were installed, we barely would see anyone here. But, now it’s a “hot” place to go, with tons of families and little ones every time we go.

The Splashpad 

I’ll be honest though, I was a bit disappointed with the size of the splashpad and the edges of the brick. I was hoping for a splashpad that was a similar size to the one at Heritage Park in Marley Park. This one just seems narrow areas and the bricked edges just seem like a place for the kids to gouge their heads. It didn’t stop my fully clothed children from jumping in and having fun this morning!


There are three yellow circles like those above-and the kids jump on them and more water comes up. My kids were jumping on it when the water was off and water was coming up (beware if you don’t want your kids getting wet. Or aren’t prepared like me).

You can see there is a pole that spouts water and two almost full circles that kids can run through to get wet. The ground is cement but it is textured with bumps (free exfoliating for the kids!). I do highly recommend water shoes. There are trees around the splash pad, so eventually, there may be some natural shade. At this point, many the trees are very small.


There’s Munchie, about to show me how to walk in without getting wet. You can see one entrance to the splashpad through the circles, which leads out to the parking lot. Luckily the parking lot is a bit further away, but you may still want to be wary of runners. I feel that opening is just so close to the water toys that some kid is going to get going fast and slip into the wall.


Don’t mind my feet in the picture, but this is the button to turn on the water. It has a touch sensor but it is on the ground, closer to the bathrooms (to the west) near the yellow circles. Interesting. (replaced by a pole in 2019)


Here is Giggles after she decided she was done with the water. You can see the splash pad behind her as well.

There isn’t much space for parents to sit near the splashpad without getting wet. I like staying close to the parking lot and splashpad because of the danger involved. There is a ramada at the far side of the park (south side) while the splash pad is to the north. I think this splash pad will get a lot of use, as it did today, but I really am worried about the narrowness of it with the use it will get. My kids had a great time playing here.

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The Basics

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140th Ave and Larkspur Dr


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