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Uptown Jungle (formerly known as Urban Jungle)

Please Check out the image below for Uptown Jungle’s Cleaning protocols. You can also sign up for a time slot online before showing up. (Click on the yellow bar on the Top of your screen when you open their webpage). If you have previously clicked out of this, you can create an “incognito tab” in Google Chrome using CTRL+SHIFT+N or use a different browser. Book a time slot before you arrive to make sure you get in!

Uptown Jungle Mesagle is the newest indoor play place on the East side with room for toddlers to teens. It is a HUGE area, so make sure you scope out the place and have a meeting place for you and your kids. I also suggest putting your kids in a certain bright color so you can spot them easily!

I highly recommend that you sign the waiver online before arriving. At busy times, the line for admission can be out the door, and this will save you some time!

There are a few computer terminals at the check in desk where they will check on your waiver status, check you in and give you jumpy/grip socks. There is the small snack area behind the terminal. Passes are usually for 90 minutes and you get a wristband that is color coded according to what time you arrived. Non participants get a grey band as well.

At the entrance, on either side of the doors, are tablets to fill out the waiver if you couldn’t do it before you arrive.

On the right was a large waiting are and shoe storage. If you have older kids and teens, this may be a good place for parents to hang out. I put on grippy socks and went along with my kiddos. Although, I did wish I didn’t have my large pocketbook. I did not see any lockers. There is also another lounge area that has couches and more comfortable chairs in the back and shoe storage in other places around the arena.

This section to the left of the entrance was a ropes course and climbing area. My kids didn’t check this as my littles aren’t big climbers.

Three trampoline sections were available with a staff member controlling how many kids were in each area. One was more of a dodge ball court.

This climber is toward the bathrooms and the other more relaxing and adult lounge area. The climber is a web of ropes and gets you into the big “jungle”, which unfortunately I didn’t realize until my kids climbed up and disappeared! Eeek. The last part of the climber was a bit more difficult for my youngest to get up and into the main “jungle”, but luckily a darling little girl helped him up. Unfortunately, that darling little girl wasn’t his sister! She was too busy playing!

The top of the climber.

The bathrooms and party room were right near the climber. There were two family bathrooms (a one stall that had a lot of room) and a men’s and women’s bathroom. The women’s bathroom only had three stalls and was pretty tight, so if you have a few kiddos with you that like to use the bathroom with an audience, ha ha, it probably will be easier to do the family restroom.


Party room.

The lounge with TVs and couches.

From the entrance section, you can see the ropes course, the toddler section and the second story which had a inflatable obstacle course and a “bowling alley”.

Dimples took a little run on the fake grass at the bowling pins.

The toddler section was for five and under. There were lots of things to play on and sit on, as well as manipulatives that little ones could play with on the wall.

There was a little roller slide. Some of the kiddos grabbed soft Lego bricks and sat on them to roll down.

There was also this cool little wave bench.

Manipulatives on the wall that were great for toddlers.

A Little toddler lighthouse slide.


The firetruck also had two trampolines in it.

The toddler area had a lot of different areas to play and space to walk around. There was a gate there, but the gate was not monitored so if you are a parent sitting on the outside of the toddler area, you may want to make sure your little one doesn’t wiggle out of the gated section. It did have a safety latch, however the gate wasn’t always being shut properly.

The big slide was accessible from these stairs and also the climber. The slide wasn’t a very slippery slide, so they gave the kids towels to slide on which the kids had to bring up. Sometimes there were attendants at the top watching the sliders with towels. I wasn’t exactly sure where the kids were getting the towels or where they should put them when they were done. I’m on the fence about the sliding bath towels.

There was also a smaller slide which also needed towels. The towels were really needed for this slide as it kind of seemed sticky.

The ball gallery with guns and other play toys, ball vacuums and ball blasters.

I liked the targets, but I was a great target for most of the kids. Ha!

There was also this ball drop that had an alarm every time it spills. Unfortunately, I was right under it and it started to ring and buzz and I thought it was a fire alarm which sent me into a mild panic. Just be on the lookout for this!


Urban Jungle was super fun for my kids, but it was a bit chaotic. There were a few camps with teens and a lot of parents bringing in toddlers. To be fair, it was the end of a Groupon coupon session so there was a lot of kids there plus summer vacation. I do recommend having your kids in bright colored clothing to be easy to spot as there are tons of spaces for them to run. I think my youngest would have been very happy staying in the ball pit area or the toddler zone.

I highly recommend Urban Jungle if you  have kids that stay in the toddler area or kids 7+ that are good at navigating and understand not to leave the building (there wasn’t an attendant at the front door). I get a little nervous when I couldn’t see my two kiddos from all vantage points. Or, if you have a bigger kid that will stick with your younger ones through all the climbing. My kids move much faster through the Jungle than I could.

Urban Jungle was a lot of fun and will definitely be a hot spot for kids!

The Basics

Urban Jungle Mesa

5741 E McKellips Rd

Mesa, AZ


  1. Sari Powazek on July 16, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Thank you for re-visiting Toys & Playtime Oasis. I am sorry that I missed you.
    BTW, socks are only $1.00.
    We also are increasing the toys that we will be carrying, we are trying to find more Made in the USA & in Europe.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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