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Urban Air Ahwatukee

Urban Air Ahwatukee

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I heard that Urban Air was coming to Goodyear and looked up the business and was so excited to hear of this new attraction. When I contacted the company, they told me that Urban Air was opening in a few weeks in Ahwatukee, could I come and check it out? Unfortunately we were unable to make it for the grand opening, but made it a few weeks later. I think we had an AWESOME time.

First of all, if you have not lived in the Valley for long “Ahwatukee” might sound like a foreign place if you are from the west side. It is actually a part of Phoenix right on the boarder of Chandler. Ahwatukee is about an hour from Surprise if there is no traffic. If there is a lot of traffic, Ahwatukee can be an over 2 hour drive. Trust me on this.

Urban Air Ahwatukee is located off of Ray Rd and 48th Street, in a plaza with many different shops.

Urban Air Facade


Like many other indoor activity centers, a waiver is required for entry. I highly suggest doing it online. However, there are kiosks available at the front. You will also need grippy socks that are sold by Urban Air (like many other places we have reviewed).

After signing in, you can go to the front desk pay for admission. There are many different types of admission to Urban Air. Depending on your child’s age and size, you may want to pick different packages. Read my full review below to find out which things your child would be most interested in!

The Attractions at Urban Air

When you first enter, you will see a warrior battle beam and challenging trampoline trick area to the left.

The battle beam area is filled with foam blocks to protect your inevitable fall. Behind it was a trampoline area for doing tricks (or just bouncing super high). My kids really loved it.

If you look above, there is a SUPER cool Zip line. Munchie and I both did it, as you have to be over 48″ tall.

But, anyone 41″ or older could do these climbing things. There were 6 rock walls and one tower. My kids liked calling the escalating tower “The Tower to Heaven”.

Munchie loved climbing each of these walls, especially the “Tetris wall”. Perpendicular to the three walls you see, there was also a clear wall with two sides.

There was also this rock wall that went next to the entrance to the Entrance to the Zip Line. There are also TVs around the whole inside so you can catch the latest game while you wait.

“The Stairway to Heaven” as my kids called it. I would say the tallest pole was about 15′ high!

Another area that was for the 48″ and over crowd was the “Warrior Course”. Giggles and Munchie both “qualified” for this, but it was a bit much for Giggles who measures in right at 48″.

Munchie LOVED the warrior course. Although he is a slim and short 8 year old, he is amazingly strong and nimble. There are four lanes of different obstacles to overcome at this course. The ball pit is about 3 ft deep and is challenging to get out of, even for a person at 5’8″. I had to go in and rescue Miss Giggles at one point, but the staff was very helpful and getting her out once as well. The ball pit almost looks like a bubble pit! The balls are translucent and shiny, which makes it really cool to just look at. The warrior course consists of many different upper body strength challenges, so if you have a daring child or a teen who wants to prove themselves, this is an amazing course. I was not worthy of the challenge, but next time I will be!

Ropes Course at Urban Air

Another great challenge for the 48″ and up crowd is the ropes course. The entrance to the Ropes course was between the kids tubes area and the warrior course. This was a bit challenging for Munchie, who really has no fear. Similar to the rope challenge at Main Event, there are different obstacles that to walk over while being harnessed. After being harnessed,a rope is attached to a metal object that slides through a beam above while going through the obstacles. At the end of each obstacle is a platform ( a good resting spot).

The only issue Munchie had was getting the ropes around the hexagon guide that holds you from the top. After a few tries, he was able to get it around but he got a little frustrated. After doing it a few times, he was able to maneuver it with no problem.  Just something good to note if you have a child closer to the 48″ mark. I didn’t have an issue, other than picking the wrong side of one of the obstacles to move my rope. There are arrows on the top of the beams marking which direction each obstacle is to be completed, and once you move the rope to a certain spot, it locks you into that obstacle. Unfortunately, that was my problem and I ended up on the wrong side of the spiderweb. A wonderful staff member helped me out and got me to the correct side of the obstacle. Ooops. I found out that there is a go around to push the locking mechanism up and slide it back, should you end up on the wrong side of the obstacle. However, I was just tall enough to do this, so if you happen to be shorter than me, you will need help from the staff!

When I end up on some of these obstacles, I sort of start wondering about my life decisions on why I decided to get so high up and do this challenge. And of course, my kids were having so much fun that they weren’t cheering me on. They didn’t even know that I was up there. Wahh! Anyhow, I was carefully gliding above all of those party tables below, and I did just fine. While on the ropes course, I was wearing my socks. Some of the ropes hurt my feet a little bit, but it motivated me to quickly get over to the other side.

Urban Air has places for your younger kids too!

I’ve covered all of the “Big kid” areas, but there are plenty of places for your little ones to play too! I recommend Urban Air for the 3+ crowd because of what is available, but if you have an energetic, daring and stable walker of 2 year old, you may be fine!

Tubes indoor playground at Urban Air

This awesome climber is between the Zip Line and Ropes course, and my kids were able to talk with the people waiting in line for both. It is a nice soft play area with a super fast slide and rubbery swings that bounce on the second “floor” of the climber. This is for ages 9 and under only.

Trampolines for kids at Urban Air

Trampolines for bouncing were available too, with one long trampoline for doing whatever tricks you could come up with. One person per square please!

Dodgeball court at Urban AIr

An awesome dodgeball court if you want to get your team together to play! My kids always try to get the referee. The staffers were so amazing and were playing along with them while I was taking lots of pictures. In the front of Urban Air near check -in were a two trampoline/basketball hoops (not pictured).

Other Important Details for Urban Air

Being a mom with all of the luggage of three young kids (pocketbook, camera, changes of clothes), I often struggle to find a safe place to put my stuff. Especially if I am the only adult! Well, luckily Urban Air had a plan. They have a easy locker system and shoe cubbies towards the bathrooms. I really liked that the shoe cubbies were near the bathrooms so you could slip them on before going, plus the lockers were super helfpul. It was $3 to rent for 2 hours, no key needed. You can purchase additional hours if needed. And, it’s all electric, so you don’t have to get in line to find a staffer. It easily fit my large pocketbook, camera and a few other things. All I needed to remember was my birthdate and favorite color to get into my locker.

Love the lockers! The shoe cubbies also are seating areas to take off your shoes.

Tables are available for parties, and yes, the ropes course is right above!

A wonderful upstairs parent lounge with great views, comfortable seating, televisions and a little bit of quiet. Great for parents of older kids!

Two private party rooms with great views. Seating was available throughout the facility as well, like these metal chairs.

Cafe and Seating at Urban Air

Cafe and some seating were available as well. There are two staircases to get upstairs-one pictured (and behind it is the trampoline basketball courts). The other one is next to the Dodgeball court and bathrooms. Food and drinks were available for purchase. Free refills if you purchase a soda!(as of 2/23/18. Check merchant for details).

There are not any changing tables in the bathroom at this moment, but there was a water fountain near the bathrooms (dodgeball court/locker area).

I honestly hated to leave Urban Air. We had so much fun as a family, and the staff was beyond amazing-even the people who had just started that day. I even saw some of the staff members introducing themselves to the new staff and making them feel welcome. The entire vibe of Urban Air was just a fun place to be and hang out. I enjoyed speaking with the owners about how they want to take care of their guests and make sure that everyone is safe and having fun. I really can’t wait to go back, and for them to expand into the west valley as well. Right now, as of 2/23/18, there are plans for a location in Scottsdale, one in Goodyear and one in Peoria. Urban Air is a wonderful place for your kids that may be split in age and have different interests, or even for a parents night out!

The Basics

Urban Air Ahwatukee

4816 East Ray Rd

Phoenix, AZ

We received complimentary admission to Urban Air. All opinions are 100% my own. 




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