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Urban Air Adventure Park Goodyear

Urban Air Adventure Park has a lot to offer. As you may remember, we went to review the location in Ahwatukee a while ago and did a piece on their birthday parties as well.

However, everyone has been eagerly anticipating the west valley opening of Urban Air, and I have to say, I was checking in almost monthly to see what the updates were! Urban Air is located in the old Toys R Us/Babies R Us on McDowell Rd in Goodyear. I have to say there is a bit of irony with the placement of Urban Air that suggests a changing of the times. More entertainment in shopping plazas is really the wave of the future, and I really feel we will be seeing more entertainment venues taking up many of the large retailers like Urban Air has done with Toys R Us.

Urban air is easily accessible off of i10 and the North Pebble Creek Parkway exit and is surrounded by many different restaurants in the same plaza, as well as Goodwill, BevMo, and Title Boxing.

My suggestions for taking kids to Urban Air for the first time:

  1. Fill out the Waiver before you go.
  2. Measure your kids. There is an area for ages 7 and under, but you must be 41″ to go on some attractions and 48″ for ropes course and Sky Rider. This is important for kids who want to do EVERYTHING but may not be tall enough to, so setting up expectations for your child before you go based on their height may be a good idea.
  3. Know if the time you are going is a “glow” time. Usually Friday nights around 6pm are Glow nights (but check your location).
  4. Busy times may incur a time limit of how long you can be at the attraction. You can find out more about pricing and the information regarding time limits (only during busy times) here.
Entrance Area Goodyear Urban Air

This was the entrance area and where to pay. There were also stand up desks with Tablets for people to fill out the waiver if you didn’t do so at home. It didn’t seem like our waiver from the Ahwatukee location worked, so it’s a good idea to fill out a new one for Goodyear.

Grippy Socks are required to participate, and they can be purchased at the front desk as well. The grippy socks come in toddler through adult sizes. We had socks from our previous visit (I have a full drawer of grippy socks!). You will also get a wristband that will tell the workers what package you purchased and what you are eligible to go on. Everyone but our little guy, Dimples, could go on everything.

Urban Air skyrider entrance area

From here you can see the SkyRider ahead, the Ropes course, the Tubes (for little kids under 52″), the big balls to bounce on, lockers and the cement floor.

I asked about the cement floor because the Ahwatukee location has carpeted floor. Most Urban Air locations just have a cement floor because it is easier to clean. This one will just remain a basic cement floor.

After stowing our stuff in a locker (you can easily fit five pairs of shoes , a pocketbook and a camera in one locker), Giggles and I suited up for the SkyRider!

With lots of seating throughout the venue for parents who just want to take it all in, kids can enjoy the all the fun there is to offer while a wearing parent takes a load off. However, my husband was also on camera duty as was I, so no resting for either of us!

All of the fun at Urban Air in Goodyear

There were a lot of great new improvements to the Goodyear Urban Air location I really liked. For one, the platform for the SkyRider was larger so people waiting in line did not have to wait on the stairs. That was a huge plus!

There were also a lot of new features at this location, including new Climbing obstacles, The climbing hill, Wipeout and Dropzone. \

The view from the SkyZone Platform

I took this picture from the SkyRide platform. You can see one of the new climbing obstacles sort of looks like Jenga blocks with notches stacked up on their sides. Giggles and Dimples both attempted this, but didn’t have much luck. Munchie kept running around in different direction with such excitement and thrill that I’m not sure he even tried!

Climbing at Urban Air goodyear

Many of the climbing features were the same as the Urban Air in Ahwatukee, but the Jenga sticks (or cheese sticks?) definitely were a new challenge!)

Ropes Course Urban Air Goodyear

The Ropes course went over the party tables, similar to the Ahwatukee location. I did it in Ahwatukee and realized halfway through I really didn’t need to be up high. So, I skipped it this time!

My kids, however, we enthralled with these new features:

The Wipeout! Giggles, Dimples and Munchie kept going in this Over, and over again. The idea is to jump over the sticks as the come at you. Some of the adults cleared the higher stick. The workers did tell the little ones to just go under it. There was no elimination if you missed and stopped the sticks as they went around, but there was a time limit. The workers would clear everyone out and a whole new set of people would go in. I’m not sure if jumping constantly is a better method or if just jumping when it comes around is the best way to go. What do you think?

climbing hill urban air goodyear

The climbing hill with awesome slide was a very popular place to be, and this was in the WAYYY back corner past the cafe. So, unless you were really searching around, you might not even know it was here as it was pretty well hidden. There was a rope to help you climb up, or little pegs on the right side.

Or, you could do as my husband did and just try to make a running start at it.

He was braver than I to try it in front of a lot of people! I’ll go on the SkyRider any day instead of trying to get up this hill! The slide was really fun too, so I was told

The Drop Zone and ProZone Performance Trampoline was where I found my biggest kid, Munchie. He couldn’t get enough of the Drop Zone. One thing that is really good to note on the drop zone. It is a HUGE pillow of air, and super fun.

If you are bigger than your kids, you will weigh this thing down immensely, causing everyone to sink down approximately 6 feet. This happened to one father who was chasing the cutest twin toddlers ever. And they went WAY down. The staff was beyond awesome and helped them climb out of it, and they weren’t in danger in any way. I laughed SO hard, because as soon as the father got out of the Drop Zone, one of the twin girls went to dive back in and the father caught her by the arm just as she was about to land. I clapped. That dad had amazing reflexes. But, you may just want to keep tots clear of that!

I was really excited to see how the glow looked at night, as we are usually early morning day dwelling types of people. It was really neat to see how it was all glowing in the dark! In this picture you can also see the tables for parties and just regular seating. Above the tables are the ropes courses. Surrounding the ninja course (as picture here) are more trampolines.

The Freestyle trampoline court.

urban air goodyear

And of course, the Dodgeball arena!

Urban Air Goodyear

There is no second floor at Urban Air Goodyear, so all party rooms are located on the bottom floor with easy access to the play areas and food court. To find out more about the Urban Air Birthday Parties, you can click here.

bathrooms and offices urban air goodyear

Bathrooms and offices were located on the righthand wall and had changing areas for kids too.

cafe at urban air

The Cafe at Urban Air has food, mini melt (like a dippin’ dots) , Fountain drinks, Gatorades, and bottle waters and lots of seating with television. There is separate seating for the cafe area and a larger area than the Ahwatukee location for the cafe which was nice. With all the floor space they have, they could add a lot more seating and it still wouldn’t be crowded.

Goodyear urban air

This is the end of the Tubes, which is the 52″ and under area for kids to play in. It is right next to the SkyRider and climbing areas. The slide does open to the side, which is good, but I wish the layout brought the kids back to the front where they entered for parents. The Slide brings kids out to the area near the “Drop Zone” and “ProZone Performance” trampolines, but they cannot exit Urban Air.

If you want to see more on the ropes course, Ninja Course, Trampolines, Slam Dunk Zone and more, please check out our review on the Ahwatukee Location. These were all duplicated at the Goodyear location so we didn’t go into them with great detail on this post!

I really love all different things Urban air has to offer, plus they actually have their own cleaning process for their entire location. YES, all of those balls in the Ninja Zone get cleaned! And, it is also why Urban Air went with the simpler concrete floor-easier to clean!

I hope you check out Urban Air in Goodyear this summer and take a ride on the wild side with the SkyRider!

Urban Air Adventure Park Goodyear

15035 W McDowell Rd

Goodyear, Arizona


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