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Uptown Jungle in Peoria

Check out Uptown Jungle in Peoria to Get out some toddler through teen energy!

Uptown Jungle does have a location in Mesa as well, so if you are thinking it is a familiar name, you are right! It was formerly known as “Urban Jungle” but is now “Uptown Jungle”. Now that you have all that information, let’s show you what they have and where they are.

Located at 76th Ave and Cactus Road in Peoria, Uptown Jungle in Peoria is easily accessible from Grande and the 101. We were able to get to their grand opening (just opened for public) and were prepared with waivers already filled out online. The waiver needs to be filled out for different locations, so it is not transferable.  I really, highly suggest filling it out before you get inside the location. Kids get super excited when they see everything, so you will really save yourself frustration if you do it before hand. You can fill it out at their kiosks by the front desk, but it is easy to do either on a computer or phone. The staff members will look it up by phone number or by name. If you are like me and have multiple phone numbers, you can luckily look it up by name. Even non participating parents must sign a waiver.

uptown jungle peoria sign

There is a lot of parking space, but beware on busy days it will probably fill up!

After filling out the waiver, you will proceed to the desk to pay and get socks. You can bring your own grippy socks, or purchase them as well. There is also a small area to get drinks and snacks right behind the entry desk.

When you enter, to the right and left will also be seating and eventually some area to store shoes and other items.

seating at uptown jungle

There were quite a few benches in the front, which is where I like to be. There is also a huge parent lounge to the back of Uptown Jungle, and it is near the bathrooms.

Parent Lounge Uptown Jungle Peoria

Uptown Jungle thought of parents too! Huge area for parents to hang out and even, gasp, do work! Wifi is available for free!

Bathrooms are right next to the parent lounge and are single room “stalls”.

At the front of Uptown Jungle Peoria  will be the huge climber that is easily crawlable by adults and the “climbing walls” to your right.

huge slides uptown jugnle

I didn’t personally go through the tubes or down the slides, but they are fine for adults. The slide can be super fast and fun. The tower at the bottom right is a spiderweb that people need to crawl through to get to the second level. There are other ways of getting up there, but this is the closest access to the slide! The set up is very similar to Uptown Jungle in Mesa.

jungle gym

The second floor had lots of gymnastic feats (ninja course) to try to overcome. I could stand up on the second floor with just a teeny bit of bending (I’m 5′ 8″ on a good day). There were lots of tubes and slides throughout. This area may not be that great for the toddler set, so if you have one that wants to explore, you will probably want to go with them. It can be hard to find them if they get lost, and they do!


However, if you have a young toddler or preschooler, the Toddler area is just right for you-and it is gated so it at least will slow down the kiddos from exploring the big kid area!

gated toddler area uptown jungle

There are lots of manipulatives, things to ride, a roller slide to slide down and a small trampoline as well. Dimples, almost 5, liked going in and out of the Toddler zone.

Toddler area Uptown Jungle

This Toddler area is about half the size of the one in Mesa, but it is still a good size. I actually like the size of this one a bit better because it was a little more manageable to keep an eye on little ones.

Two trampoline courts are behind the toddler area. Both courts are used for open jump or dodgeball tournaments.


The kids were bouncing like crazy all over these.

If you are looking for birthday party rooms, they also have three of them available. How it is shown is one big room that divides into three.

party rooms

Cutely decorated rooms, of course.

rock walls uptown jungle peoria

There are four different walls to climb (other than my own at home! HA).

And the Ball Zone, which Dimples absolutely loves. He was vacuuming the balls for about 25 minutes!

There are also ball guns to shoot from the second floor, and a big ball dropper as well as air poppers as well. A slide comes into the ball area as well.

All three of my kids did the climbing and really loved it. We are raising some monkey children, let me tell you.

If you are wondering about how the pricing/time works at Uptown Jungle in Peoria-

  • Sign up for a 60, 90 or 120 minute time slot. Prices go up as time increases, and there is a higher price on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
  • Look on their Facebook Page for deals! 
  • Uptown Jungle in Mesa has toddler times-so I’m hoping that they will incorporate that and homeschool days in the future! I’ll keep you posted!
  • Sign your waiver beforehand. It doesn’t give you any discount, but will save you frustration when you get to Uptown Jungle Peoria. Make sure you sign the one for Peoria if you are going to Peoria, and Mesa if you are going to Mesa!

We had an amazing time at Uptown Jungle in Peoria and even saw some friends. Our friends with older kids (teenagers 16 +) had a blast too!

The Basics

Uptown Jungle Peoria

76th and Cactus Rds


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