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Uptown Jungle Chandler

Please Check out the image below for Uptown Jungle’s Cleaning protocols. You can also sign up for a time slot online before showing up. (Click on the yellow bar on the Top of your screen when you open their webpage). If you have previously clicked out of this, you can create an “incognito tab” in Google Chrome using CTRL+SHIFT+N or use a different browser. Book a time slot before you arrive to make sure you get in!

We have been to Uptown Jungle in Mesa and Uptown Jungle in Peoria, but decided it was time to complete the trifecta by visting Uptown Jungle Chandler! With an empty Saturday after baseball season, my husband was in for a day of traveling across the valley!

Located at 2061 N Arizona Ave, Uptown Jungle is right near Espee Park!

I also suggest filling out the waiver online before you go. I didn’t realize that anyone entering the building needed to fill out the waiver. So, even if you don’t plan on playing, you need to fill out the waiver. I find it much easier to fill out the waiver when my kids are not pulling on me. Waivers need to be filled out for each location. If you have filled one out for the other location, you also need to fill one out for this location!

Upon entering, you can choose how long you want to play. 1hour, 90 minutes or 2 hour increments are available. Uptown Jungle also offers Tot time during the school year, so make sure you know their offerings before you go. Bigger kids aren’t allowed during tot times, which generally run 9-1. You can give them a call, check out their website or their Facebook Page for up to date details on current promotions.

Check in is fast if you have filled out the waiver. Pay, get socks (if you don’t have them) and play. There is a small snack bar area with fountain and bottled drinks and bags of candy and chips. To the right was the birthday and party check-in area.

To the left was the fun mountain!

mountain to climb

This mountain was a tough one to climb. There were two sides that had knobs to climb up. Dimples got one in his behind and it hurt for a few seconds. The attendants were very caring about him and asked if he wanted ice. He was fine and wanted to go play and go down the slide. But, I appreciate the care!

Next to this area was a seating area for parents and the trampoline area. There were 9 large trampoline squares. While we were there, it wasn’t too busy so the staff got the children 6 and older involved in a dodge ball match. They kept the game going which was really fun for the kids.

dodgeball trampoline court uptown jungle chandler

Around the dodge ball court were tables and stools for non participants. My husband planted himself here with all of our items. Across from this area were lockers.

one way upstairs uptown jungle

One of the ways upstairs to the Ninja courses is this padded staircase which is between the toddler area and the rock climbing walls. I think many people think it is part of the toddler area. However, it is not!

Once you go to the upper level and Uptown Jungle in Chandler, you find out where the real fun and challenges are. While it is not for the parents because we cannot possibly stand up, the kids have a blast! I don’t know how the people installed it do it! However, I followed my kids around (again) to take all these pictures. Now you know how fun it is. And, you should crawl around and see how much fun your kids are having too.

I can’t help but think the yellow pieces look like cheese! But, this looks like a ton of fun!

Mucnhie gets in a sticky situation

Munchie got himself caught in this two story web of belts. I think most kids would go down it, but he had to go up it!

slides uptown Jungle Chandler

There were also multiple slides. Not pictured is another yellow twisty slide and a smaller grey slide that goes straight down. The grey slide at the Mesa location had towels that kids would ride on. I’m not sure if they still do that, but I know that there was always a lack of towels!

There were many different Rock climbing walls to choose from. There was a minimum weight of 32 lbs, which my kids could all surpass. I’m sure there was a max weight, so I didn’t try Ha! One of the Rock walls had a timer on it, so Munchie wanted to know what the record was (of course). He tried to beat it, but it was a cool 7.3 seconds. Munchie made it up in about 13. Not too shabby!

In the very center of the play area was the ball area. This area truly makes me laugh, because where on earth will kids have so much fun picking things up? Not at home, that is for sure. I told that to one of the dads, and he laughed so hard! The balls zoom up to the second level and you can see the back end of the ball guns. The ball guns don’t have a lot of aim or oomph to them so no one will get hurt. Its more of a “vacuum suction” and then they just drop the balls. The kids have fun with the balls going up and down over and over

This area also has the pummel horse rocker. I always find it funny how one kid rides it and then crashes into another. Be careful!

And, don’t forget the toddler area. It has a little crawler section, small trampoline area, ride that spins around, and roller slide. On busier days there may be someone monitoring this area, but many times it is just the parents. There is a latch on the door, but you may want to watch out for escape artist kids who like to wander!

There are bathrooms in the back of the facility. The women’s room had a changing room in one of the stalls, but the bathroom stalls were tight. There is also a parents lounge with massage chairs inside and outside of the parents lounge. Party rooms are also available and can open up to be one large room. By the party rooms was also a air hockey table.

We had a lot of fun at Uptown Jungle Chandler, and I’m happy I got to Climb upstairs with my kids. I’m also glad my kids are a bit older and I can go play with one of them while the others play without worrying that they will be lost!

The Basics

Uptown Jungle Chandler (There is also a Dunkin Donuts in the same plaza!)

2601 N Arizona Ave

Chandler, AZ


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