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Uptown Jungle Avondale

Please Check out the image below for Uptown Jungle’s Cleaning protocols. You can also sign up for a time slot online before showing up. (Click on the yellow bar on the Top of your screen when you open their webpage). If you have previously clicked out of this, you can create an “incognito tab” in Google Chrome using CTRL+SHIFT+N or use a different browser. Book a time slot before you arrive to make sure you get in!

Uptown Jungle is opening its newest location in Avondale! Joining their locations in Peoria, Mesa, and Chandler you’ll be excited to find this huge indoor play area has tons of fun for tots through teens!

uptown Jungle Avondale

Located at 1725 N Dysart Rd, Avondale, AZ , Uptown Jungle in Avondale is in the same plaza as Joann Fabrics and Kohls (2019). So, perfect for getting some shopping done and getting the energy out too!

entryway uptown jungle


The entry area of Uptown Jungle has kiosks for signing the waivers, but I always advise parents to sign up ahead of time. There is nothing like filling out a waiver with three (or more) jumpy kids who want to get going. Each Uptown Jungle needs their own waivers signed, so make sure you sign up for the Avondale location.

Also, it is a socks only place! Jump socks are an additional charge, but you can bring back your Uptown Jungle socks for the next time you go and can bring them back from other locations.

Uptown Tot

The Uptown Tot area is nicely marked and is in front of Uptown Jungle. The two story tot area is accessible to parents who want to climb along with their kids.

Mini trampolines, a racer that goes around, a spinner that goes around and jumpy zebras are just some of the fun for the Uptown Tot area! I had to duck down to get in, but it was perfect for the 5 and under crowd. It was just sad that I don’t have a 5 and under child anymore, but I snuck in anyhow for pictures.

The 5 and under crowd will LOVE everything that there is to do in this area!

The tot friendly walkway and ropes, donuts and half balls!

For the bigger kids

But, if you don’t have a tot like me (anymore!), you might be interested in the big kid stuff!

trampoline uptown jungle avondale

The trampoline at Uptown Jungle Avondale that climbs halfway up the wall and is good for dodgeball games too!

Rock Walls

Rock wall

The Climbing walls and net walls. And yes, I even climbed it! I am not that graceful coming down.

uptown jungle avondale climber

The huge climber at Uptown Jungle in Avondale is full of nets, tunnels, and lots of great features for kids of all ages to go through and around. And, even a roller slide!

A huge blue slide takes you from the very top to the bottom and the whole climber is entered around balls blowing, being shot and even being vacuumed!

My kids were seriously arguing over the ball vacuum. If only they would fight over the real vacuum at home.

I called this the “kid washer”. I don’t know how my kids didn’t feel any pain doing this. The kids were having so much fun!

This slide was super cool! The kids could play little racing games as they went down it. I really enjoyed watching the kids go up the stairs and down the slide over and over again!

Also was the “elastic seat belt tower of doom”. The tower also had a slide that went along with it.

Not pictured was a huge ball pit!

Ninja Course at Uptown Jungle Avondale

Of course, they have to do try the Ninja Course at Uptown Jungle! The Zipline is always a huge hit for my kids at any location!

Some of the other features of the Ninja course were the side ways ropes, monkey bars the moving “cheese” and the balls in ropes. I just name them my own things! There might be actual names for them, but I’m not sure!

Also available are rooms perfect for parties!

party rooms uptown jungle avondale

Uptown Jungle in Avondale is a welcome indoor arena for “wearing kids out” in the west valley. Make sure you follow them on Facebook to see discounts and deals they may offer.

The Basics

Uptown Jungle Avondale

1725 N Dysart Rd. (10.10 mi)
Avondale, Arizona 85392


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