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Uptown Alley Surprise

Uptown Alley, located at Litchfield and Waddell Roads, is a great family fun location nearby! With a full restaurant, bar, pool tables, live  music (certain nights), laser tag, bowling, it is a great family friendly destination right here in Surprise

Uptown Alley caters to a family friendly scene during the day, but is more of a great date night or night out location for adults. During the summers, Uptown Alley has great specials everyday- including summer game special  and bowling leagues and their to do lists with discounts!

We stepped in for an early lunch and saw that they have lots of things going on right in their entry way!

We waited for a minute to be seated and the kids were entertained by the water features.

The seating area is large and has a full bar and an area that is a bit more family friendly and an area that is a bit more “bar crowd” friendly. Televisions are all around, and my kids had fun watching some different sports on TV while we waited for our food.


The seating area in the restaurant area was ample and friendly, and not crowded with too many tables and chairs. We sat in a large booth that could fit our whole family, which is always nice!

My husband and I chose burgers and the kids chose pizzas and corn dogs. Giggles decided that she wanted fruit, but only berries, which our lovely waitress made into a cute little face for her (and she didn’t know we were reviewers, which made it extra special!)

Bathrooms are centrally located in the facility between the restaurant/bowling and arcade area.

As you can see, there was also a diaper changing area and plenty of stalls in the women’s bathroom.

A nice little floor/area for live music, right near the bowling and pool tables.

The bowling alley area has lots of wonderful seating at high tops chairs for spectators and nice lounge couches for those who are waiting to play. PLUS you can order off the menu and eat while you play or watch. There is a check in table right near the music stage and you can print your names on a slip of paper (they add it into the computer for you) and they will ask if you want bumpers, get your shoes, get the light balls for the kids (they are 6lbs and have smaller holes closer together), and get information on the kid ball ramps. We forgot to ask for a ball ramp, but that was ok. My kids got a workout from heaving the balls down the lane and we got to come up with creative dances as we waited for the ball to go slowly…..down….the…..lane..

The kids had a ton of fun and really loved the hitting down the pins.

I love the bumpers at Uptown Alley. Coming from the northeast, I don’t remember ever having electronic bumpers! We had these long, weird plumbing coils that were put in each lane, and you would hope that you would get a lane with bumpers. If you didn’t want bumpers but you were playing with your kiddos, you either had to choose bumpers or no bumpers, and it would kind of be a disappointing game for either the parents or the kids. I loved that they come up and down without having to push any buttons!

There is also The Approach, which is the 21 and older are for parties and ore of the evening crowd. We didn’t check it out as it wasn’t open (and doesn’t really fit our demographic!), but I peeked in and it looked super swanky!

Each area/room had a separate had a name, and you could also get full menu and bar inside. The rooms looked out on both bowling alley areas.

Uptown Alley also has a two story Laser Tag arena. Unfortunately, Giggles and Dimples are a bit too small to play the laser tag yet (and not too keen on the dark), but I took a peek in and it looked super cool with black lights and all sorts of different light features! Maybe next year!

There is also a lot of video games and interactive games packed in right next to the laser tag arena, including games that you can earn tickets and redeem for prizes.

Just a few of the many games available!

We had a wonderful time at Uptown Alley and enjoyed our time as a family, especially watching our kiddos bowl (Dimples first time!). Our kids loved the upbeat atmostphere of Uptown Alley and their food. It was clean, cool and the perfect place to hang out during the summer-make sure you check out their specials! They also have birthday parties for kids and teens, team building events and lock ins for teen nights as well!

The Basics

Uptown Alley

13525 N Litchfield Rd

Surprise, AZ 85379

We received complimentary bowling and lunch. Opinions are 100% my own. 

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