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Tumbleweed Park-Chandler

Tumbleweed Park in Chandler hosts many events during the year (Ostrich Festival and the nationally famous Tumbleweed Christmas Tree),but also has a humongous play area known as “Playtopia” for the kids.

Let’s just say it is amazing.

Located at the intersections of E Germann Rd and S Mcqueen Rd, the easiest way to get to “Playtopia” is from the E Germann Rd and Hamilton Street. I went the long way around the park and drove through S Pioneer Parkway, but it was interesting but windy. There are two parking lots that are closest to Playtopia. One is off of Hamilton street and is a huge lot, and the other is off of Pioneer Parkway and is a much smaller lot, but easier to navigate with kids.

City land was amazing, and I was wishing that I brought my kids big wheels. The little “street” went in and around city land, and there were a few little ones just wheeling around the streets having a blast. There were even stop signs!

Lots of options for dramatic play, and just climbing and jumping around in City Land. My kids really liked climbing in the bus.

I loved the theme of the barn under the barn. The kids were running and climbing all over the place, which lead to me being a bit overwhelmed. Great park, but for wee ones that run off, this may not be your best park unless you have one on one supervision. the under the barn play area is a huge play scape and does not have good visibility from one side to another. I also had to warn my kids not to run off to the next area without me.

There is a smaller play scape outside of the barn which is partially shaded for littler ones. However, I felt that there were more fall hazards in certain areas, plus it wasn’t completely in shade. I wished that they had put that underneat the shade too. The ramp accessibility did make it a bit tough for wee waddlers to get up too high too fast with some pretty large drops throughout the play area. If you have a toddler that is just walking, I would accompany them ON the big play scape to help from drops, as getting to either side of the playscape quickly can be nearly impossible.

Well, while we were at the barn, the bathroom was to the north west of the barn, so we checked that out (the long rides in the car always get me!)

The bathroom was nothing spectacular and it wasn’t as big as I was hoping, but luckily it wasn’t too busy.

There are also three barn themed pavilions surrounding the park as well as other pavilions to the north east of the barn.





There was this colorful game that my kids didn’t take much time to learn how to play. I am not sure if you were supposed to be on top of it or in the center, but it was available. The buttons are supposed to light up, but I couldn’t really see them as the sun was so bright. I felt like this wasn’t the best idea in Arizona. I’m not a big fan of electric games at parks anyhow. We have seen two other Parks that have electronic components so far, Paseo Verde Park in Peoria and Stonebrook Park in Surprise.

There were a few swings, including baby swings (not pictured) big kid swings, a tire swing and a more secured bigger kid swing.

Bring your sand toys. Luckily someone else brought their sand toys at let our kids share. The digging area had bones underneath the sand and it looked like “whale bones” for the kids to dig in. I loved that this area was shaded too. The climbing rocks were also nearby so my big Munchie could climb while Dimples and Giggles were digging.

And, of course the best part of the whole park is the ziplines. YES! I said ZIPLINES!

The Ziplines were awesome, but kind of tucked away from the other parts of the park and nearest to the parking lot we picked. So, if my kids wanted to do the zipline, they all had to be there waiting. The seated zipline was perfect for Dimples, who hasn’t liked the other one and doesn’t have the grip yet to hold on as well. I do always get a little nervous about the magnets in there, but he did ok. If you have a semi adventurous kid, you can also make the seat wobble a bit up and down for extra excitement when you push (but Dimples didn’t like that much excitement). I can see this being a BIG hit with kids.

The Tumbleweed Park is really amazing. There is also a recreation center right off of E Germann Rd that is huge! The Park is expansive, with lot of green areas, ball fields and walking trails throughout. This park, however, can be overwhelming during busy times with little kiddos. I highly suggest having a meet up plan if you have older ones with little ones, or have another adult accompany you if you have more than two wee waddlers.

The Basics

Tumbleweed Park Chandler

E Germann Rd and S McQueen Rd

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