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Town Park Buckeye

Town Park is located right next to the Buckeye Aquatic Center, and near the recreation center and downtown library, Buckeye Union High School and Estrella Mountain Community College Educational Center!  There is also a Buckeye Valley Museum! While the day we went there was little traffic in this area and not much going on, I can imagine it is really a hopping place in the summer!

The easiest way to find it the park is to go to the intersection of MC 85 and N 9th Street and go North. Turn right into the parking lot after you see the Aquatics Center. The parking lot is pretty sizeable, but MC 85 has a big dirt area on the northern park of the road that you could probably park on as well. The Museum is only open Fridays and Saturday’s, so that may be another parking option as well.




There is a great shaded playground, a two ramadas and bathrooms nearby.


They were painting the day we were there. The bathrooms are one stallers. I’m guessing that inside the pool area there are locker rooms (we haven’t been in, but will, don’t you worry!)


There’s this bouncy thing that we have seen at quite a few parks! It’s fun to sit on and stand on (and perhaps make a good workout for adults!)



There were these spinny things, which I like to refer to as the “arm breakers” (Munchie broke his arm after falling off of one of these-he landed wrong!)


The triple slide was by far my favorite. Three kids, three slides. We tried to time it right, but this was as good as I got it. Can we call it “Goldilocks and the three slides?” There were really three slides of varying size. And, that is my hubby and dog walking in the background!


And, the three bars of varying height. Didn’t put my kids on these, but tried! And, don’t mind our dog sniffing the sand again!


2016-03-05-15.39.21A long slide with a climbing thing underneath it. Munchie almost bumped his head on this. I wouldn’t say it was a bad placement, just a strange one!


And another slide! And Rock wall behind it.


And the LOOONG, tall fire pole (hey Munchie, we are still paying for your cast bills. Don’t break another bone, Mr!)


There was also a “spinny chair” as we call it in our family, which is a a chair that is at an angle (like a cup) and spins you around when you sit in it. There were also four swings-two baby and two big kid!

On the West side of the aquatic center there is a small skate park as well-perfect for if you have teens and little ones.


I snapped a picture of the pool while we were at the park. There was a pretty neat slide and looks like a splash area as well. The whole pool is covered (which was amazing to me-that’s a big cover!). There were lots of teens doing clean up, power spraying with water and painting while we were at the park.

I think this park has a lot to offer for young ones, and teens alike. The summer would be a great time to do some exploring at the museum, and head to the pool for some cool down time.

The Basics

Town Park

9th Street and MC 85

Buckeye, AZ




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