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Topgolf Glendale

Are you an avid golfer? An Average golfer? A newbie golfer or someone who hasn’t even played mini golf? Topgolf specializes in all of the above!

Whether you have hit the fairway many times or can’t even make it through a round of mini putt putt, Top Golf can be challenge for the pro or fun for even a toddler!

We were hosted by the amazing staff at Topgolf in Glendale and our tour did not disappoint. With three levels of entertainment that wasn’t just limited to golf, this family friendly venue offers lessons for kids and adults!

topgolf outside view glendale

Topgolf Glendale is easily accessible off the 101 in Glendale, just north of Bethany Home Rd. There are also locations around Arizona-in Scottsdale, Gilbert and Tucson and around the country with new venues popping up all the time (2018). From Topgolf, State Farm Stadium is right across the 101!

Guest Services

Parking is ample at the Topgolf Facility, but you will want to pay attention to traffic on special event days at the stadium (football games/special events) for traffic. When you enter the Topgolf facility, you will come across the guest services desk. Here guests pay for their “bay”, which is similar to a lane in bowling. There is also a reservation process online, which is always advised for premium times-nights and weekends. Bays are rented by the hour, not per person. The bay price depends on time of day and can be found online on their website-but there might be some deals on their Facebook Page (hint hint). There is also a one time membership fee, per person of $5. This gets each member a card (which looks like a credit card or hotel key card) that tracks your score and information.

The first floor also has a lovely outdoor area with shaded spots, fans and a cool area with games, cornhole and a place to sit and visit.

Topgolf glendale outside lounge outside lounge area topgolf glendale outside topgolf lounge

The first story also had many bays to golf from. I asked our tour guides which floor (there are three with bays to golf from) they recommended for families with children, and it is up to the families discretion.

The first floor has the issue that the child may run out on the grass to try and hit the ball again (and balls do drop from above and may hit the child). There is netting on the floors above so the child wouldn’t get too far if they tried to go over the edge of the other floors.

The staff is happy to show parents around to show the parents, and Topgolf will also have some games available for kids to play if they should get a little antsy as well! But, they have had great success in keeping event toddlers intrigued with golf!

first floor golf top golf

seating first floor bays


The second story had an amazing lounge area and cool bar area too. So, if you are thirsty for an alcoholic drink or a non-alcoholic drink, they have a full bar and can whip you up something special. They also have an amazing full restaurant full of yummy bar food staples and desserts too! Music fills the area to give Topgolf a cool vibe to hang out and relax with family, friends or coworkers after a long day or for a lunch or work meeting.

lounge areas

Two story TV and bar won’t let you miss out on any of the sports action!

two story tv

We were in Bay 316 (top deck) which had a cool, comfortable couch, table for food and all of the bays had golf clubs provided at no extra charge. You can also bring your own clubs. Children’s clubs are also provided!

adult clubs

These are the adult clubs. They also have left handed clubs available (just ask).

kids clubs topgolf

Here are the kids clubs. Aren’t they cute?

There are heaters for those cool nights as well as fans and misters for those hot days and nights. Topgolf was built facing north/south, so you won’t be facing the setting sun (so smart of those builders!). There are also TVs at each bay, as well as in the outfield! Waiters and waitresses come around to provide service (additional charge for items, not included in the hourly rate of the bay), and you can eat right at your bay or go to the lounge areas after you golf!

bays at topgolf

There are multiple different games to play! I think we chose the easiest game because I am not a golfer. Let’s just say even my mini golf could use some work. My husband on the other hand is an amazing golfer.

topgolf electronic game guide

This is where you slide your membership card in, pick your game that you want to play and it keeps score. Each ball has a tracking device so it knows where YOUR ball goes when you hit it. Amazing technology! You hit the ball, it goes in a place and you get points for it. It is sort of like golf meets darts.

ball return top golf

I was loving Topgolf especially because I didn’t have to go chase a ball-it came to me! And, there is no basket of balls to lug around-its all electronic! You just wave your golf club (or magic golf wand if you want to call it that) and the ball pops out!.

Menu Top Golf

The Menu has tons of great option to keep you full and refreshed while your friends or colleagues play! I chose a flavored lemonade (mango was delish!) and we had loaded cheese fries. They don’t come with honey mustard, but they hooked me up. I can take honey mustard with just about everything!Loaded Cheese Fries Topgolf

Topgolf also has conference rooms, so you can make an ordinary conference and make it fun! Take a boring day at the office and add a little sport to it by having it at Topgolf. There are also school programs, summer programs, sports clinics, lessons, break camps, and even summer deals they have offered in the past. Make sure you check out their Facebook page for the details on all of their special events that they will be having throughout the year.

For the golfer and non golfer alike, Topgolf in Glendale will be a great place to hang out with friends, family, kids and coworkers. Whether you need a much needed date night, or just a different place to have a work event, Topgolf is easily accessible and has everything you need to make an event to remember.

The Basics

6101 N. 99th Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85305






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