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Tolmachoff Farms Glendale

Our first fall farm trip of the season was a huge hit. Tolmachoff Farms is easily accessible to Surprise and is on 75th and Bethany Home Road (just feet from a the Grand Canal Linear Park)

I suggest going south on 75th from Bethany Home Rd to take a right turn into the farm. We went on a Friday afternoon around 1230, so it wasn’t too busy on the road, but I can imagine on weekends it might be harder taking a left hand turn from 75th into the parking area. There are also field trips that are scheduled on the weekday mornings, so you may see school buses there as well. We arrived as many of the field trips were wrapping up the day.

The parking lot is dirt and pushed down rocks. I mention for two reasons-if you have a low riding car, be careful its bumpy. If you are bringing a stroller and have the option to bring a jogger or one with bigger, “bike” wheels, you are better off. My poor, old peg perego stroller (very much like a Chicco stroller or basic baby stroller) with the small hard wheels had quiet the time getting through the parking lot. We are almost out of stroller age, but in parking lots Dimples isn’t always the best listener. If you can do without a stroller, it will be even better. The farm isn’t so big (unless you do the long corn maze) that you would really need a stroller for your toddler.


This is the farm stand, check in area and little store. During the weekends, if you have cash you can get into a different line. You can also buy tickets here for the barrel train (although, we were able to pay the driver in exact cash).


The kids were standing in front of one of the admission booths. There were two animated skeletons “playing” instruments that kept them busy! (the ATV is not usually there!)


The gate and the tents were where you could have pictures taken (with a green screen). My kids weren’t too cooperative with the picture taking process, so we didn’t even check how they came out. The photographers really tried though!


The restroom facilities at the farm are port-o-potties! We didn’t have to use them, but I didn’t smell a thing going by!


Inside the red little barn next to the port o potty were chicks! There was also a little hatchery for eggs, but no eggs were inside (but how cool!)

There was also a little “corn bin” where the kiddos could play with dried corn like a sandbox. My kids played in there for a bit but wanted to move on to the big jumping pillow!

There were tons of shaded picnic areas around the farm, which really made me happy! Especially near the jumping pillow. And the jumping pillow was shaded. There didn’t seem to be a rule about having socks on or off, but there was a minimum height around Dimples size, but he had a hard time climbing up. While it is a HUGE pillow, you do have to be careful if your little one is near some of the big ones because, just like a trampoline, they could go flying. The max occupancy of the pillow is 15 kids at a time, but there wasn’t anyone there to regulate how many kids were on. I’m guessing on a weekend there would be. So, my kids slid off the pillow as they were playing, and some big kids took the opportunity to jump on while my kids were sliding off. We checked out another area. It wasn’t a big deal for us since there was so many other things for my kids to check out, but something to be aware of if you go on a weekday.

The duck races were pretty cool. I honestly had no idea what “duck races” meant until we came (back in CT they would release ducks into a river and that’s how they would race!). Here at Tolmachoff Farms, the race is using old fashioned water pumps to get the water from the bins below. You pull out the ducks and pump as hard as you can as the ducks go down their little personalized water slide. My kids didn’t quite get it when I said that water didn’t always come from a faucet! But, this was a great activity for them.


If you are waiting for your turn or just want a “wee rest”, you can check out this little watermelon shed.


This was a cute little play area for the kids. A double decker playhouse and cool pipe slide. Of course, I tried to talk my kids out of going head first down it. They also really liked yelling in the tube (LOUD!)


And a little animal area! With geese, chickens (they roam freely, don’t chase the chickens), ponies and more.


I made Munchie read this sign and warn his siblings. He was our “designated reader” for the day (homeschool work-check!)


Just hanging out watching the kiddos.

My kids absolutely love the barrel train! I totally missed the sign about getting tickets at the front gate, so I










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