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Tolleson Paseo De Luces Splash Pad

We hit the last splashpad on the West Valley to go and review…

And it was closed due to vandalism.

Tears! I was so sad. But, the Splashpad did look awesome-since we were there-we took some photos!

Paseo De Luces is Located on Van Buren Street between 92nd and 93rd. If you Google “Paseo De Luces” you may end up at Veteran’s Park in Tolleson, which does not have a splashpad.


Tolleson Elementary School is directly south of the splash pad, and there are signs for the parking lot that it is not for parking outside of school parking. So, parking is available on 93rd (on street). 93rd is not very busy, but may be a bit hectic during school drop off and pick up times, so be careful!

Of course, when we got there, we saw this sad sign

But, we took a picture of the area. It was a huge, shaded area with sails and lots of seating. Bummer that it wasn’t working. I would be careful of little runners since Van Buren St is very close to the splash pad. There is also a nice big grass area between the splash pad and the school. There are no other park features or bathrooms.

It was a super nice area, plus there was some seating under trees and places for vendors to be during special events. Quite a few sprinkler heads were noticeable (bring some buckets!)

Vendor area for special events and nice brick walkways.

Beautiful mosaic piece on the sidewalk.

We were definitely disappointed that the splash pad was not on, but will hopefully see it on again before the end of the season! It was a great shaded area, and I LOVE a good shaded splashpad!

The Basics

Tolleson Paseo De Luces Splash Pad

Van Buren Street and 93rd Ave

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