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Tips for the New Homeschooler

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As a new homeschooler, it can be overwhelming to start. This time in America is truly one of the craziest. When I started homeschooling, there were plenty of ways to meet people in person. Right now, it is hard to get out and meet people in person, and it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed and scared! I totally get that!

As a mom who has homeschooled for quite a few years, I felt that putting down some tips. My kids did go to public school from Sept 2018-March 2020 while I recovered from a brain infection. I know that there may be some adjustment to schooling at home too! We had that adjustment as well.


  • Homeschooling and public schooling don’t look the same. You don’t have to emulate the same experience. Our school takes place in our kitchen.
  • When I started homeschooling, I worked just on reading and math, and slowly put in other pieces-science, history, cursive, Spanish, art and music. Start slowing building upon the basics and then add more subjects.
  • Some weeks we only do four days. I see how my kids are acting and feeling-if it looks like it will be an unproductive day, we pass for the day, but I shoot for four days a week. We school year round, so four days a week isn’t a bad thing for us.
  • Schooling isn’t just worksheets around the table. We have lots of fun discussions at dinner, in the car, and watching crazy YouTube Videos. We playing games, things in our neighborhood, things that are going on in daily life. Learning isn’t just a worksheet-kids learn from lots of different resources.
  • If you have other family members around-they can learn from them too! Even a zoom chat or phone call can be great!
  • We try to do a lot of crafts and cooking as well.
  • Chores are important. It might seem like a small thing, but it’s part of personal responsibility. With homeschooling, it gives us more time to work as a family team. Our kids help out around the house. We actually have bank accounts for them that we can access through our phone too, so if they do a great job at something or they want extra chores, we can pay them through their bank account online.
  • Make sure you have enough space to keep all of your schoolbooks, computers and other items neat and not in the way. While we do our schoolwork at the kitchen table, we don’t want them in the forefront every single day. We have a charging station for our computers and tablets that is downstairs so everyone knows where they are.
  • Leave plenty of time for Play!
  • Try to keep a normal bedtime. It helps set you up for a better day and more willing learners and a better family situation.
  • Look for opportunities to learn outside of the home!

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Do you have any tips to add?


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