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Thriftbooks and Homeschooling

Are you thinking about homeschooling this year? Or have you been homeschooling for a while and need a new source of books?

I buy a lot of my workbooks and schoolbooks on Amazon, but I needed another source for books. I remembered that my high school vocabulary books were really a great resource. I tried to find the books (Shostak) on Amazon without any luck, but then I came across Thriftbooks.

Many of you may have already heard of Thriftbooks, so you might be rolling your eyes at me. I had vaguely heard of it, but dismissed it. This is a used book seller and many of the books are out of print. And, this is where I found my Shostak books and Wordly Wise books. My oldest needed a challenge and these books will be great for him.

I started going down a deep rabbit hole on Thriftbooks and found a ton of great books, but I stuck to my vocabulary books. I picked which ones I wanted based on the quality of the book: “New, Like New, Very Good, Good, Acceptable”

When they came in, they did come in multiple packages. I noticed that some of the books that I chose were full of writing, and I don’t know if I would consider that “good” condition, but it is what it is! I paid about 3 dollars for each book and will save them for each of my kids.

Thriftbooks also has a points system to earn free books and free shipping which is super fun too!

Overall, I was very impressed with Thriftbooks. If you are homeschooling and looking for some books for your kids, I suggest checking them out!

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