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This is For The Birds!

Every week, I’ll be sharing what fun things our kids will be learning out so you can learn along with us. I know it can be hard to come up with a plan for learning, so I hope that this will help you and your kiddos have fun and maybe the parents will learn something along the way!

Please note!

You do not need to use all of the resources I provide. Use them as you feel works for your family, your schedule and your child’s interest!

We start our week by watching a few videos. These videos are good for elementary school. You may want to look up more videos to supplement. I also recommend “March of the Penguins” if your kids love penguins. Amazon Prime has tons of videos as well.

If you have Middle/High Schoolers this may interest them


Milk Carton Bird Feeder

75 Awesome bird Crafts for Preschoolers

Books And Reading Materials

We are using Feathers For Lunch-downloaded from Hoopla (online Library). You can find it to download from libraries, or even read online!

By Ruth Daly, Also downloaded from Hoopla.
By Tom Jackson

Downloaded from Overdrive


I went to Teacherspayteachers to find worksheets that I felt were good for my kids and their grade levels. From their website, you can find free and paid worksheets based on grade level. There are previews on the different worksheets. I suggest looking at what you think your kids will be willing to do! There are a ton of great options on the site! We picked a few different ones that were free-Name the bird parts, how to draw birds, and talking about birds.

Go Outside!

What birds do your kids see in nature? How many can they name? How many do you see! This is a great opportunity use your senses and check out the world around you! What foods do they eat? Do you see any nests? Any feathers! Go on a nature walk and find some feathered friends!

I would love to see your crafts at the end of the week! Lets see what your kids do and what they learn!

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