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The Wrigley

My husband and I were looking for a date night that was different than our normal usual date nights. My husband looked up unique places to eat in Phoenix and found The Wrigley.

The Wrigley is located in the Biltmore section of Phoenix near Camelback Mountain. This mansion was built for the famed Wrigley family that owned the bubblegum as well as the Chicago Cubs. My husband Scott felt that the really would be a perfect place for our 10th anniversary since for our first anniversary we actually traveled to Wrigley Stadium in Chicago !

To note for our readers is not really a kid-friendly restaurant. This restaurant is an upscale restaurant that has a casual elegant attire requested for its guess. However we did go during the summer and we did notice people were a little bit more casual. However with snowbirds in the winter, I believe that the Wrigley would be a little bit more towards that casual elegant attire requested.

vicki and scott
Know before you go-The Wrigley Parking

The Wrigley

There is valet parking available and it might be something that you are interested in. I am not sure the price as we decided we would be able to hoof it up to the top of the hill. Since the Wrigley is located on top of a small hill all the parking is below the restaurant. The restaurant is also part of an H O A so in order to dine there you have to pay a nominal fee which was $5 for the evening. It was considered a trial membership for the a month or you buy a yearly membership for $25 if you decide to plan on visiting the restaurant more often.

If you do the membership for the year the parking was the valet parking was included . The Pedestrian walkway to get through to the restaurant was closed so it was a very narrow walkway/driveway up and down so I would recommend using the valet parking if you are wearing heels or are uncomfortable walking up hills or long distances.

The Wrigley

The meal was delightful and we were there for Sunset. You can see pictures of our Sunset and our pictures in front of Camelback Mountain. There were not too many diners the night we went but it was still a very nice evening the chairs were comfortable it was a little bit warm when the sun was up as the air conditioning is a little bit older and obviously put in after the house was built.

While the dinner was excellent I think the most fun was being able to walk through the house and check it out. Some of the house was going through renovation so we were not able to go throughout the whole entire house but we did see a good part of it. The house can also be rented out for weddings and special events. the are there are many different eating areas not all of them are connected easily so if you were to have a wedding you would have to have your guests separated for meal time.

The first floor where you enter has a nice foyer with staircase that goes up to a second floor at the foyer there is also a telephone room which is pretty cool to see. When the house was built there’s probably only one telephone in the home and it was used at the front door. To the right of the four air was a conference room or meeting room to the left of the foyer we’re bathrooms a hallway that led to a bar with a small seating area. Pictured above would be the ballroom or dancing area for a wedding.

At the top of the stairs were different rooms, presumably old bedrooms that were turned into a conference rooms or suites for the wedding party. Along the upstairs hallways of the Wrigley were old pictures, letters and historical memorabilia.


The Wrigley is definitely for the foodie as well as an experience for the historical lover in you as well. Although this is not a kid-friendly restaurant, I highly suggest you put it on your date night list . There were not too many diners the night we went but it was still a very nice evening. The chairs were comfortable and the dining room had beautiful views even with sunshades up. The room was a bit warm when the sun was shining in, but cooled off significantly when the sun went down. Yes, there is airconditioning but it is an older house so maybe it is not all the efficient. Ladies many want to have a sleeveless dress with a shawl.

lemon tart

My delicious lemon tart dessert!

telephone room

An original “Telephone room”. I love seeing this-there would only be ONE telephone in an entire house!

To the right of the foyer was a conference room or meeting room.

the wrigley

The the left of the foyer were bathrooms a hallway that led to a bar, ballroom and main dining area.

The Wrigley

The hallway with the beautiful tile work


The beautiful bathrooms with tile and beautiful textured wallpaper. It was a bit tight in the smaller stall, but the toilet was a fun boxy shape!

Up the stairs were a few different dining rooms as well as room set used to be bedrooms that had conference tables and them and would probably be used as a bridal suite for a wedding.

All the walls of the upstairs or many historical facts about the house and letters from their owners and the people who bought the half who we’re building the house. I loved to see the pictures and rendering of the house and how they planned it out and the canal that still runs in the front of the home.

The Wrigley is definitely a wonderful gourmet experience for the taste buds as well as a an experience for the historical lover .I highly suggest you put it on your schedule for a date night or girls night out!

The Basics

The Wrigley

2501 East Telawa Trail • Phoenix, AZ • 85016

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