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The Teapot-Phoenix

Sometimes randomly scrolling on Facebook has its benefits, like finding out about this awesome place in downtown Phoenix!


The Teapot is on 5th Ave, very close to some of our favorite places like the Arizona Science Center and the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. It’s probably not walkable to the Teapot, but if you are in Phoenix, you may as well drop in!

Parking on the street is free (Yay!! Coming from the east coast where you had to pay for parking in EVERY city, I love finding free parking.) The dirt lot that was available in the past is now blocked off and there is only on street parking.




Isn’t this a cute house? Built in 1909 it has a little early century charm. But, the inside is new and inviting!


The entrance brings you right into the ordering station. Lots of teas, coffees and pastries. Yummy!!!


And while you are ordering, the kids can play in this nice area-while in sight of you!


Lots of areas to sit, relax and enjoy some company! Not only were there lots of families here, but there were business professionals as well!


And another great relaxing area. While the house may have been built in the early 1900s, the inside has a great open floor plan and simple decorating touches to make it feel very modern.


There is one bathroom (plan your potty visits accordingly) but it has a great changing table and plenty of room for three children to hang out with their mom for a few minutes!


We can’t forget the awesome outside! The owner’s, Jon and Rae, created The Teapot because of their 3 year old! The know what it is like to be parents and need a fun place for their child to hang out. The backyard has lots of picnic benches, seating, grass, shade and sand!


If your child needs a little more quiet time, they can check out the train set that is in the shade on the back patio (just be careful on the patio with the little ones-no fence on some sides).


A Cool Pedal car was also there for the kids to drive around with.

The play structure was really fun-A House on the bottom, a big “deck” on top and many ways to get to the top. There was a ramp, the rock wall, and a ladder from the inside of the house on the bottom. The slide was lots of fun, and of course it was surrounded by sand for the kids to play in.

My kids can’t wait to go back, and neither can I. Such a great place for the kids to run around and play and for moms to get some food and chat. Lots of shade and just a relaxing atmosphere in the middle of the city.


The Basics

The Teapot

818 N 5th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ

There is a minimal fee per child. As of 2016-June, it is $2. Please contact The Teapot directly for information on prices.

(Not open on Mondays, 7am-2pm. Check site for availability and they do rentals for events as well)




  1. Christine Mathews on March 18, 2016 at 8:05 am

    I went there ;). I was impressed with amount of things the little people could do while the big people socialized. I would go there again without hesitation. Thanks for the great article!

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