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The “Itty Bitty Ball”

IMG_2480I was so excited to see the “Itty Bitty” ball on the Surprise Recreation website when we moved. I signed up immediately and am so happy that we went.

The Recreation Center at Countryside was not where my GPS wanted me to go. Actually, my GPS (I use google maps) wanted me to go to the middle of the Countryside pool. It took a little bit of driving around, but we found out that the recreation center was in the same driveway as the Countryside Elementary School.

There is not a lot of parking right in front of the recreation center, so be warned that if there is a big event, you might have to walk far. The inside of the building has a lobby and then goes into a huge gym where there is room for two full size basketball courts, and then a few rooms off of the main gym. The recreation department put bleachers in the middle of the gym so that parents and kids could dance to the DJ on one side.IMG_2491One of the rooms off to the side had Snacks and little games for the kids to play.

IMG_2492And the other room was put on by Benevilla (their program encourages seniors and children to work and play together) and had activities and information on their programs. The programs they have looked very interesting and I hope to go with the kids in the future!

IMG_2489Giggles decided that she wanted to take down some of the decorations. She doesn’t really know much about princesses yet, but she sure likes pink!IMG_2502

Munchie absolutely loved that Spider-man was there, and Giggles wanted nothing to do with anyone in costume.

Although most kids were dressed in costume, the three of my kiddos were not (Where are our costumes anyhow?! Still in a box!). The kids were great and had a blast running around the gym and dancing to the music. We didn’t stay the whole two hours, but had a great time while we were there. If you have a child who loves to dress up, this is a great place for them to go!

The Basics:

Surprise Recreation

The Itty Bitty Ball at Countryside Recreational Center 15038 N Parkview Place, Surprise AZ



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