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The Farm at South Mountain

The Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix has so many different things to offer. Restaurants, spaces for special events and just place for checking out their fresh farm grown vegetables and pecans, you’ll love this oasis in the city.

The Farm is located at 6106 S 32nd Street in Phoenix. Parking is all on gravel lots within the facility and off the main street.

farm at south mountain

The Restaurants at the Farm at South Mountain

Three different restaurants are separated throughout the grounds at the Farm at South Mountain. The first restaurant is Morning Glory Cafe, a small cafe at the entrance of the grounds that offers breakfast only.

The Farm Kitchen is a very popular place to eat lunch at was hopping the day of our Special Event with Kodiak Cakes. The seating for the Farm Kitchen was abundant and spread outside the kitchen area where food is prepared.

The area was very welcoming and spread out for families to come and enjoy some time together! People even brought their (well behaved) dogs! You can also get your items to go and have a picnic amongst the pecan grove, or borrow some lawn games too. A server will seat you at one of the many different picnic tables around the property. Bathrooms are in a port o potty type stall, and I did not see anything that was ADA accessible. You may want to inquire about that before you go. I also did not see any baby changing areas.

Nearby the Farm Kitchen was the store and this cute area to hang out! The Farm has many different activities throughout the week and weekends.

Along with the Farm Kitchen and Morning Glory Cafe, The Farm at South Mountain also has Quiessence, the higher end dining facility for special occasions.


The beautiful area around Quiessence also is known for small weddings, but the whole farm can be rented out for special occasions too!

Along with this area, there was also stone grove too. An event was going on at the time we were visiting so we just took a small picture of some of the stones.

rock wall

I did have to laugh at this sign! The area was very nice and there was a covered area as well.

covered area

This lovely barn sits right next to Stone Grove at the Farm at South Mountain for guests who are walking the grounds or visiting at Stone Grove.

farm fields

And right in front of Stone Grove is this lovely patch of land with produce! Yes, real produce being farmed, picked and plucked for people to know where their meals are coming from!

At the Farm at South Mountain, there is even a learning garden for children, along with many other programs. Along with many other bloggers, I was invited to check out Kodiak Cakes and meet one of the lovely chefs they have on staff. I was able to learn about the programs The Farm at South Mountain has, along with taste some of their wonderful creations. You can find some wonderful treats at their store too!

I highly suggest coming down to have a meal and check out this farm oasis in the middle of the city!

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