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The Doll House and Toy Store and PlayTime Oasis-Scottsdale

Update 2017

Since Munchie was doing a camp at Sea Life, I decided to take the little ones to Toys and Playtime Oasis. they had since relocated more north in the same plaza they had been before. They are now near Firestone Tire.

Their entrance is now on the corner, and their area is smaller than before-which is great for parents of small children.

The store square footage has decreased immensely since their last location, which was a bit saddening to me. They had had a LOT of cool and different toys at their previous location, but with the boom of internet shopping, I totally understand their relocation and downsizing.

Playtime Oasis is a sock only facility-so you can bring your own or buy a new pair for $3. This is the food/drink area in the corner. The picnic tables were great for three and under. Poor Giggles, being a large 5 year old almost tipped the table over.


Many of the same toys were still the same from our last visit (so that review will stay up). The decor had changed to a more dino themed and castles. The noodle castle and climbing tower were the new additions we saw (which were fun for my kids who were on the older end of the visitors.

The Noodle Castle, which I thought was super fun!

The climbing tower and bathrooms. One bathroom had a changing pad and station in it. The climbing tower was a bit tricky for Dimples who is almost four, but Giggles, a larger 5 year old had no issue with it.

There was also the “roller coasters” and lots of hopping toys as well as Calico Critters and many cars and magnet toys. There was also a dramatic play area with kitchen accessories

We had a good time playing at Playtime Oasis, but sad that my kids kind of have outgrown this place!

Review from 2016

I had stumbled across PlayTime Oasis during my Christmas calendar events and wanted to check the place out, but time just slipped away from us. So, for Giggle’s birthday, I wanted to check out a new playing place and find a place to do a new blog post on! Playtime Oasis is very easy to get to on Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, in a big strip mall with lots of other activities, restaurants and shops. We always arrive everywhere super early (possibility of being a daughter and wife of military veterans perhaps?), so the parking lot wasn’t too busy, but it was by the time we left.


Playtime Oasis is located within a toy store, which I thought was an incredible idea-given the somewhat seasonality of toy shopping. As a former assistant store manager of Target, summer time was always rough on the Toy department. But Playtime Oasis brings people into their store and has nice, quality merchandise. Real toys that kids play with and discover with! And, they aren’t part of a chain, its a husband and wife who own the store-small business at its best!


Unfortunately, as I was taking this picture in the parking lot, a person wanted the parking spot I was standing in, so it got a little chopped off!

When you arrive at the Toys and Playtime Oasis, there a desk and register area where you can pay for the entry to the play area. The play area is to the left and the desk is to the right. There is a few benches and kiddie picnic tables so you can take off your shoes or have a snack (no food or drinks inside the play area). Make sure you bring socks! The play area is nicely fenced in with a childproof gate. There is also a restroom with changing area in the back of the play area, along with water fountains (watch out for the little ones who like to splash in the drinking fountains!)


The room is massive and has lots of different types of toys for the kids.



This area was perfect for the littlest ones. It had lots of baby toys and soft blocks to play with, along with toys attached to the wall and a chalkboard.



Munchie was exploring the castle and figurines. He was really excited that there was a “jail” inside of it too.




This huge train table was the perfect height for almost 2 year old Dimples. He is loving anything that is on the go.

In the picture, you can also see one of the comfy couches that are available for parents to sit on. Although, I admit I didn’t see too many moms, grandparents or dads taking advantage of it that day. All of us were playing with all the cool toys with our kids.


Here’s another picture of the cool car racer. It’s almost as tall as 5 1/2 year old Munchie. You can also see how brightly the walls are painted. Very whimsical and fun!


A nice kitchen and lots of tables all around the room to play tea party or use manipulatives.




The Beautiful fun walls! I believe it looks like characters from the Lorax (Dr. Suess!)



And just in case your kid wants to work out like  an adult, there are “gym” machines!


This jumper was a favorite amongst my kids, and it seemed like everyone else too. The Jungle Jumperoo was on Shark Tank a few seasons ago, and just so much fun. Great thing for indoor play to get the wigglies out!


The bead manipulatives on the wall were great, but my kids were cracking up with the fun house mirrors.


And Dimples always finds a fun toy to ride on.

We also toured the toy store part and of course, picked up a little something for our birthday girl. I also was amazed at the dollhouses they had. WOW-I’m pretty sure I would love to live in one, let alone play in one. I had to take a picture of the furniture because it was just adorable. If they could enlarge it to human size and keep it at the same price-sold! haha



Playtime Oasis also does quite a few events throughout the year, including storytimes, tea parties, character visits, and theater productions (may cost more, check out our events page for the latest!).

We had an excellent time and can’t wait to go back. This is also a favorite for the grandparent crowd-we we met so many grandparents, moms and dads during the play time!

The Basics

Toys and Playtime Oasis

13802 N Scottsdale Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85254




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