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The Cloud Kiwanis Park Tempe

The Cloud at Kiwanis Park Tempe is the newest Splashpad, and it comes with much fanfare. If your kids like the sounds of Rainforest Cafe, they will love this fun rainstorm themed splashpad.

At least desert kids can experience a rain storm, HA HA!

kiwanis park the cloud

One thing to note, this splashpad is at the north part of the park and north of the lake (it is being dredged right now). Unfortunately, its not next to the really cool playground, but you can find more information about that here.

The splashpad does have a bathroom nearby (no stall doors as of 2018). There is also a nice shaded toddler playground that we didn’t review as it was so hot and humid.

The Cloud has tons of available parking, and you can easily access the splashpad and playground from Baseline road, about half a mile west of Rural Road.

The Cloud at Kiwanis Park Tempe also has sounds and I have heard that it does get lit up at night. This is something to note for our friends who might have sensitives to light and sound. I had quite a few moms mention it does look really cool at night, but since its cross valley from us, I’m not sure we will make it at night time.

The shade is nice, but there isn’t much in the mornings or noon time for seating right near the splashpad. There is a ramada nearby with a few benches, but it might be too far away for some parents comfort.

kiwanis park the cloud

There are a lot of different water features at this park that go on a cycle. Some are coming up from the ground and the rings. I suggest water shoes as it is a concrete surface and some buckets to play with as well. My kids really enjoyed having the buckets at the Cloud. Also , the shade isn’t all encompassing, so you may want to get your kids sunscreened.

water features the cloud kiwanis park

There are two different green poles are also the ones to rub/touch in order to get the Cloud turned on.

water at kiwanis park tempe


The awesome water fall at the Cloud at Kiwanis Park. It was nice to get a mist while the kids played!

the cloud kiwanis park

And then, this picture happened and it was just too fun.

On a different visit, Dimples explained the sounds of the cloud. It really sounds like a lightning and thunder storm and is pretty neat. However, it did scare some children-as Dimples says!

The splashpad is definitely worth checking out! I really enjoyed being there but wished there was a bit more shade for a spectator, and the bathrooms were closer and the cool playground was closer. But, the splashpad on its own is really excellent!

The Basics

Kiwanis Park Tempe The Cloud Splashpad

Baseline Road, West of Rural Rd in Tempe

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