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The big game isn’t a big deal when you have little kids

Maybe it’s just me, but I always have plans to watch the “big football game” or watch the Macy’s parade and my expectations of making it through either fall very, very short.

Most of the people in the “big game” I don’t know-that includes players, coaches, and the all important half time show. We didn’t have cable for a while, I don’t read gossip magazines, and listening to anything other than Pandora is pretty much nonexistent. So, the pop culture world is not very attractive to me.

I know I have a short attention span. I’ve always been that way, and having kids has just intensified that feeling. Anytime I sit and watch tv for more than an hour, I constantly think of what else I could be doing. Maybe I just don’t enjoy watching tv all that much. I’d much rather do research about out next big adventure than pay attention to people I may never meet.

Since we moved to Arizona, there’s an actual chance that I might stay awake for the entire “Big Game”, since it starts at 430. But, dinner will still have to be made, diapers changed, boo boos kissed, and bath and bedtimes all taken care of. None of that changes because a football game is on. The priority is the kids, and maybe that’s the reason I never make it through a tv show.

I will try to get some wings and maybe some beer. And I’ll attempt to watch it until the kids protest that something else should be watched instead. Maybe I’ll check facebook and see what my friends think of the commercials. I’m sure I could always find them on¬†YouTube if I cared to see them.

But, it’s just a game. Someone’s going Disneyworld, and that person is not going to be me..

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