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Tempe Marketplace Splashpad

There are a lot of different splashpads in shopping areas around the Phoenix valley (like Desert Ridge and Westgate) . The Splashpad at Tempe Marketplace is very similar to the one at Westgate and is on a rubber matted surface. It is also the smallest one in the the shopping areas in the valley.

Tempe Marketplace is located at 2000 E Rio Salado Parkway, right off of the 202.

There is nice shade from palm trees and the buildings, but there isn’t much room for seating around the splashpad. The nearest “big store” is Barnes and Noble (on the south side).

Tempe Marketplace has no user control for the splashpad, so the spigots go on and off on their own. Bathrooms are located just across the way from the Barnes and Noble. If you arrive too early in the morning, the splashpad may be on, but the bathrooms may be locked.

The potted plants right next to the splashpad are a little worrisome for trippy toddlers, so be wary!

This isn’t one of my favorite splashpads, but if you are hot and in the area, it will do for a quick cool off.

The Basics

Tempe Marketplace Splashpad

2000 E Rio Salado Parkway

Tempe, Arizona

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