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Tempe Diablo Stadium

Tempe Diablo Stadium is the Spring Training home to the Angel’s Baseball and we were lucky enough to catch a game with relatives who are also fans!


The first thing to know about the stadium parking is-well, its the oddest setup I think I have ever seen for a baseball stadium. The Tempe Diablo Stadium backs to the Marriott Buttes Resort and therefore shares part of its parking lot with the resort. So, you might be parking in the parking lot of the resort or in other areas surrounding the baseball stadium. There is also parking lots off of Alamada Drive and Westcourt Way that are flat, but somehow we ended up not at all near there. You also have to pay additionally for parking.

We ended up parking partially up the butte, which was somewhat steep. There are golf carts to escort people up and down the hill but we chose to walk. There is ADA parking that is closer. I also saw people with strollers in the stadium and they are allowed for infants, but wouldn’t advise it as you have to go through metal detectors.

The Entrance to the ball field is in the back of home plate, which gives access to all of the seating arrangements, both lawn and seats. No lawn chairs are allowed but blankets area allowed.

tempe diablo stadium

We sat at the first base line at a 1pm game early in March and had shade on us after an hour and a half. We were closer to the top of the seating area, but had a very nice view. The seats are plastic and not padded and there were drink holders in front of us. If you look up from the home plate, you can see the white tents which had food. There was also food at the end of the first baseline behind us. Lawn seats were directly ahead of us between the 2nd and 3rd baseline (and therefore looking right into the sun!). Bring your sunscreen!

Food options at Tempe Diablo Stadium

While the food options will change, there is some good news! You can bring your own food in-but not other commercial food from another restaurant. What do I mean? Don’t expect to bring in your own Starbucks or McDonald’s meal! But, if you have an allergy and pack your child, or yourself, a little lunch in a sack, you should be fine. Just check the updated rules before you go.

There were a lot of options for food the day we went-corn dogs, tons of beer, nachos, pretzels, ice cream, frozen Italian ice, mac, and cheese pizza and that was just what I saw (and smelled). And, it wasn’t just your run of the mill items thrown in a warmer! It all looked delicious. It also helps that it was put in such a cute container! I’m not just saying that because my husband was holding the hat either!

nachos at tempe diablo stadium

And after all of that eating…

You might need the bathroom! There were plenty of bathrooms everywhere. I did not see any diaper changing stations behind our section (6), however it was stated that there was one in the men’s and women’s room. There is a Family bathroom at Section 5.

Great Place for a Game

I’m so glad we finally got to see a game at the Tempe Diablo’s Stadium after passing it on the highway so many times. It was a beautiful day and looking up at the Butte and down from the Butte was we came from our car was really pretty. If you do end up parking up there, know that there will be a line to get golf cart service back up. I think there was just one or two golf carts going up and down the road, so it may take a while and I am not sure how far the cars parked. It may also be hard to stay at that hotel during a game! But, it was a very nice stadium and make sure you bring your sunscreen

The Basics

Tempe Diablo Stadium

2200 W Alameda Drive

Tempe, AZ

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