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Tempe Beach Splash Pad

This Splash Pad was taken out in 2016 and has not been replaced-2018

On Sunday, we ventured to the Tempe Beach Splash Pad (What, a beach?!?!). Well, Tempe Town Lake is a man made lake, but its a beautiful area where planes are constantly flying overhead to Sky Harbor Airport.

Here is a map of the area where the splash pad is located. We used Google maps as our GPS to the middle of the lake on the bridge-obviously not a great place for a splash pad. But we did get to see that there is a farmers market that takes place under the bridge of the 202 nearby!

The Splash Pad does not open until 10am, which was a bit of a disappointment to us, since we are up so early in the morning. Luckily, we didn’t get there until about 945 so we didn’t have much time to wait, and it gave us time to check out a few things around the park.

IMG_3668The parking lot we parked in, which the splash pad is not visible from.

IMG_3669Over head “rainbow” lighting!


A “tunnel” of water to go through. Notice there is shaded seating in the background!


A splash bucket of “doom”. To the right and behind of this “splash bucket” are the bathrooms.

IMG_3672Speaking of the bathrooms, this was the stall that I was in for the ladies. Very “latrine” like, but efficient. They are for both men and women and there was no sign of a place to do diaper changes. There was sink area on the side of the building.

IMG_3673Good information if you go in the afternoon. And bring swim shoes because it does get slippery on the pavement! (and possibly hot at 4pm!)


This was the cool waterfall and “water slide”. Munchie just slid down the slide in this picture. The stairs lead up to the slide. Plus there is a lifeguard to make sure the children don’t run over each other on the slide.


Dimples enjoyed sitting in the shade watching his older siblings.


This is a view from the  top of the slide area. It was a nice place to put Dimples while Munchie went down the slide. Giggles wanted nothing to do with the slide.


The view of the other side of the park. There was also a large covered area with picnic tables, great for enjoying the park for the day. In the white tent was staff for the park-two life guards on duty and a supervisor while we were there.

The Tempe Splash pad was phenomenal, and the kids had a great time. It seems like it is well taken care of and maintained, as well as supervised. While it is a large area, it is far enough away from streets and the lake. We enjoyed our visit and will definitely come back again!

The Basics:

Tempe Beach Splash Playground

80 W Rio Salado Parkway

10am-7pm *some sites say it is just during the summer season*

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