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Materials Recovery Facility Recycling Tour-Phoenix

recycling tour

Have you ever thought about how recycling actually works but weren’t sure how it gets done? Well, there is a Public Works Recycling Tour in North Phoenix. It’s free, informative and safe for kids even in strollers to enjoy! Tours need to be scheduled ahead of time, Tours take place on Thursdays between 9am and 2pm…

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Top Toddler Friendly Places

Top Toddler indoor and outdoor recommendations for our friends in the Phoenix Valley. I once had three kids three and under, and have put together this list of great places to take your little ones!

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Rachel’s Young at Art Studio

Rachel's Young at Art SCottsdale

As I scroll for new places to check out around the valley, this one popped up on a group and I thought it would be perfect for my kiddos! And, I was right. My kids had a blast. The class we were attending started at 11am, and as we are extremely early risers, we got…

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Sunset Park-Sedona

It wouldn’t be a full trip to anywhere without checking out a park. We knew that our kiddos wouldn’t just want to go for a hike at Red Rock State Park, but wanted to give the kids a little more run around time and check out a splash pad as well! We got to drive…

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