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Southwest Life Podcast

sweetwater park peoria

Sweetwater Park-Peoria

Have you ever looked up a place and thought “Yeah I have been there before” and arrived and realized that you actually have not been...

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Deer Valley Park

Deer Valley Park Phoenix

Deer Valley Park in Phoenix is a great place to hang out with your kids, or your pooch! With a fully fenced in doggy park,...

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signal butte park facebook

Signal Butte Park

When we see that there is a new park that looks completely awesome, we have to go check it out. Even if it is an...

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north mountain park

North Mountain Park

North Mountain Park in Phoenix is another beautiful location in Phoenix for hiking. While this area doesn’t have a ton of trails, it does offer...

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sunnyslope park

Sunnyslope Park Peoria

This is a park I have passed multiple times on our way to Rush and I knew that it was one that we had to...

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murphy park

Murphy Park Peoria

Murphy Park is located just a few streets away from Hayes Park, and has some lovely playscapes to check out! Murphy Park has off street...

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uptown jungle avondale

Uptown Jungle Avondale

Please Check out the image below for Uptown Jungle’s Cleaning protocols. You can also sign up for a time slot online before showing up. (Click...

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sam garcia western library

Sam Garcia Western Library Avondale

I had taken my kids to the Sam Garcia library a few years ago when they had a great book sale. We didn’t explore the...

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Chestnutt Park Scottsdale

As we were looking up all of the splash pads we could hit on the east side of the valley, we found Chestnutt Park just...

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Desert Amethyst Park

Desert Amethyst Park- Peoria

We have gone to many different parks, and some parks are amazing and great and we can’t wait to go back. Unfortunately, Desert Amethyst park...

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Cashman Park Phoenix

Cashman Park Phoenix

I always love finding a good park that happens to be nearby! We were at the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders’ Cup event and the kids...

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a few amazing parks

Amazing Parks West Valley

I often have people ask me “Where is a good park for…?” I have to say, in the Phoenix area we are SO lucky to...

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Palo Verde Park Peoria

If you haven’t guessed,  I LOVE going to different parks with my kids. My younger two, now aged 4 and 5 can pretty much do...

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Estrella Vista Park South

In our “Double header” of parks, I have to say this one ranks as one of my favorite parks ever. Other than there is no bathroom...

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Pierce Park-Phoenix

Update on Pierce Park, February 2018! Soon after we visited Pierce Park in Phoenix, they updated it! I’m so very glad to have readers who...

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