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Southwest Life Podcast

Keep Your Kids Reading!

How to Keep your Kids Reading when they can’t go into the library. Are your kids big readers? They should be! One of the best...

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musings of a 10der heart

Musings of a 10der Heart

Musings of a 10der (tender) Heart By Bev Galligan is a wonderful book, especially for girls. If you have ever had a little sister (or...

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My Quiet Kingdom Peoria

Closed as of March 2018 We always love checking out new places for the kids, and were so excited that the owner invited us to...

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Something Special Aviation Cafe- Storytimes and Momma Brunches

Closed as of March 2018 We had passed the Glendale airfield many times and of course, my kids are WOWed by anything that goes, so...

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Peoria Main Library

After seeing all the great things Peoria Library was doing for Free Activities  I had to check out the library with my kids. The Main library is...

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