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Southwest Life Podcast

sweetwater park peoria

Sweetwater Park-Peoria

Have you ever looked up a place and thought “Yeah I have been there before” and arrived and realized that you actually have not been...

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mansel carter oasis

Mansel Carter Oasis Park

The splashpad was under renovation Winter 2021 and will reopen April 2021. We are looking forward to seeing what will be put in! If you...

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freestone park

Freestone Park Gilbert

Are you looking for a fun park in Gilbert that has a little Surprise? This beautiful park in Gilbert not only has a few different...

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signal butte park facebook

Signal Butte Park

When we see that there is a new park that looks completely awesome, we have to go check it out. Even if it is an...

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north mountain park

North Mountain Park

North Mountain Park in Phoenix is another beautiful location in Phoenix for hiking. While this area doesn’t have a ton of trails, it does offer...

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Portales Park

Portales Park Goodyear

Portales Park in Goodyear has a huge greenspace and exercise stops with workout areas, ramadas and playarea. However, it does not have a parking lot....

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eastmark splashpad

Eastmark Splashpad

When we visited the Eastmark Playground, we didn’t realize that the Eastmark Splashpad was right behind the visitor center. It is kind of hidden away...

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eastmark park

Eastmark Great Park Mesa

If you have monkeys in your family like I do, you will love this amazing park in Eastmark. Eastmark is a huge community in east...

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Chestnutt Park Scottsdale

As we were looking up all of the splash pads we could hit on the east side of the valley, we found Chestnutt Park just...

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facebook nevitt park phoenix

Nevitt Park Phoenix

When you end up being extremely early to another event, you end up finding a park. And, sometimes the park can be good, and sometimes...

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Braewood Park Peoria

Braewood Park Peoria

Braewood Park in Peoria has a lot of different entrances, but our GPS did not like the most reasonable way to get there!   Our...

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kiwanis park the cloud

The Cloud Kiwanis Park Tempe

The Cloud at Kiwanis Park Tempe is the newest Splashpad, and it comes with much fanfare. If your kids like the sounds of Rainforest Cafe,...

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desert Breeze PArk

Desert Breeze Park Chandler

Desert Breeze Park in Chandler is huge, and has a lot to offer families! We started in the South prt of the park near the...

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chuparosa park

Chuparosa Park Chandler

Chuparosa Park in Chandler has a small splash ground, large shaded playground and a restroom. Chuparosa also has a large parking area, walking trails, multipurpose...

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espee park chandler

Espee Park and Splashpad Chandler

Espee Park in Chandler not only has a great covered and shaded playground, but it also has a large splashpad, ramadas and bathrooms. Espee Park...

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