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Southwest Life Podcast

Fun things to do in your backyard!

Are you looking for some fun things to do outside with your kids that don’t require a lot of prep work or leaving your house?...

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Lake Pleasant

After a weekend of my husband being stuck in a conference, we knew we needed to get out of the house with the kids! The...

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sunrise mountain westwing

West Wing Sunrise Mountain Trail

The West Wing/Sunrise Mountain Trail is conveniently located right near West Wing Park! The playground has a nice bathroom, so if you need that before...

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Footgolf at Peoria Pines

“What is footgolf?” Footgolf is the latest sport-combining soccer and golf! Have you ever played Fisbee golf? Or golf? Or Soccer? Or mini golf? Have...

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spooky events

Spooky Events at Maricopa Parks

These Maricopa parks are having some great “Halloween” and Spooky programming for families! If you are looking for something fun for the family, check out...

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things to do in East Phoenix

Things to do in East Phoenix

Are you looking for things to do in East Phoenix? East Phoenix can be categorized as being near Tempe and Scottsdale for this post. If...

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things to do in avondale

Things to do in Avondale!

The West Valley has a lot to offer. Avondale is one of the smaller cities in the west valley, it has grown in the past...

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fun things to do in peoria

Fun things to do in Peoria!

Peoria Arizona encompasses such a LARGE amount of space and has so many amazing things to offer. If you live, work or have visited Peoria,...

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Park West Splashpad

Park West SplashPad

Park West will be having a lot of upgrades this upcoming year, including a new Splashpad! I’m sure you have seen that I LOVE splashpads...

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topgolf glendale

Topgolf Glendale

Are you an avid golfer? An Average golfer? A newbie golfer or someone who hasn’t even played mini golf? Topgolf specializes in all of the...

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heavenly jumper

Heavenly Trampoline Jumper South Lake Tahoe California

Do your kids like the Trampoline Jumpers? Well, The Shops at Heavenly have those too! Located right next to the Heavenly Mini Golf, the Jumpers...

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alamo lake state park

Alamo Lake State Park-Wenden, AZ

Alamo Lake State Park has more than just hiking and trails, it also has swimming, fishing, camping and cabins too! One of the many questions...

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Fun in Mesa

Are you roaming around the valley looking for some fun in Mesa? There are lots of things to do and see in Mesa-Here are the...

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Kids on the train

Maricopa Live Steamers Glendale

Looking for trains that you can ride? Check out Maricopa Live Steamers in Glendale! I had heard about Maricopa Live Steamers a few years ago...

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Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point-Lehi Utah

The Museum of Natural Curiosity was a “must see” by my friends who knew Salt Lake City, so when I found out they were participating...

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