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Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point-Lehi Utah

The Museum of Natural Curiosity was a “must see” by my friends who knew Salt Lake City, so when I found out they were participating in the reciprocal program with the Arizona Science Center membership program, I said “Let’s Go”! (check out if they are currently involved here ). Located in Lehi, Utah, about 30…

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New Years Eve and New Years Day Events

New Years Eve and New Years Day can be a struggle for us parents who have little ones! I don’t particularly like to be up super late with my wee ones, and they are always up and going on New Years Day wanting some place exciting and fun to go! So, I am compiling a…

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Desert Cabelleros Western Museum

I love taking a little drive out West to Wickenburg to check things out. For the first few months when we moved here, my husband joked that “Wickenburg didn’t exist” because every time we tried to drive out there, one of our kids would have a screaming fit or have to use the potty and…

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Halle Heart Children’s Museum-Tempe

Have you heard about this museum? For a long time, the museum was only open to groups and school field trips, but they recently opened it up to all visitors, and as a homeschooling family, I’m so glad they did! We woke up entirely too early on our morning we were going to visit, so…

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Peoria Main Library

After seeing all the great things Peoria Library was doing for Free Activities  I had to check out the library with my kids. The Main library is in South Peoria off of Olive (on Monroe St), and near a lot of city facility buildings as well. The parking area for the library is not too large, but…

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West Valley Arts Council

The West Valley Arts Council (WVAC) is in Surprise, and it is in the old Heard Museum near Town Hall. I knew there was an office that they have in Marley Park, but I really knew nothing about WVAC until I was contacted that they were going to have first Friday’s. I have to say,…

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Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Floor 3

kitchen and grocery store

Have you read about Floor 1 or Floor 2 Yet? Onto the third floor of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix in the last installment of my three part series! Yes, three parts because there is just so much fun that is contained in this building! Here is a Map of the whole building so you know where everything is. We…

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Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Floor 2

the kitchen

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is just so big that I have split up my review into three parts. If you’d like to see the first floor, here it is! And, most importantly, is the Map of the Children’s Museum! This will help you navigate the huge museum. Floor two is just as amazing as…

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Children’s Museum of Phoenix First Floor

Children's Museum of Phoenix

We have put in a few updates for the blog in 2018! On Saturday this past week, we went to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix for the fifth time. Yes, I said that right, the fifth time before I even blogged about it! Why did it take me so long to blog about it? Because it is…

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