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topgolf glendale

Topgolf Glendale

Are you an avid golfer? An Average golfer? A newbie golfer or someone who hasn’t even played mini golf? Topgolf specializes in all of the...

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i9 Sports

Are you looking for your child to play a sport? i9 Sports is coming to our area with loads of great opportunities! Plus, i9 features schedules...

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Challenger Space Center Peoria

Have you heard about the Challenger Space Center in Arizona? The Space center has lots of displays that are space oriented or about the people...

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When we hear of a new business coming into Surprise that’s kid oriented, we have to check it out! I was able to meet with...

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Pool Safety-In and around your community

I received the second notification this year on my phone that a child had drowned in a pool yesterday. It sends chills all over my...

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