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Glow Putt Mini Golf Scottsdale

glow putt mini golf

When you are a mom, birthdays can be a trap. What do you do on your birthday when you have young kids? You go mini golfing! I am not a great golfer. If you read my post about TopGolf, you’ll realize that golf is not even one of my most favorite things to do. However,…

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Favorite Splashpads!

It is hard to name a few top splashpads in the Phoenix Area! There are so many, but these are our family’s favorite ones for cooling off! Our family’s Top Splashpads- Pioneer Community Park, 83rd and Olive-Peoria. Easily located right off of 83rd Ave and close to the 101 and Westgate, Pioneer Park has a…

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Songercise at the Library

I have heard so much about Songercise at the library but never went. We finally went today and it was fun for my 3 and 2 year old, but a bit juvenile for my 5 year old (ah homeschooling problems!). While most of the library is to the right (if you enter the from the…

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Westgate Splash Pad-Glendale

After a few days of being caught in the house, I finally took 2/3rds of my child clan to Westgate for their splash pad. We had gone to Westgate many times, but usually the weather wasn’t quite right for splashing. Actually, the last time we were at Westgate was when I ran the IMS half…

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Fountain Hills Park and Splash Pad

Last week we wanted to get out of the West Valley and try and take a drive to get the kids to fall asleep. I admit it freely! So, I had seen that Fountain Hills had a splash pad, so off we went. I didn’t do much research before we went, other than looking up…

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Cool Ideas when it’s hot outside

Even when it is hot outside, the kids still seem to have energy to burn while they are indoors. Of course, we don’t want them sitting in front of a screen all day, and staying out and going to places isn’t always feasible or affordable. So, this list of ideas is for the parent who…

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Heritage Park Splash Pad

Update November 2017!! The splash pad has been updated with more drainage and a textured concrete coating as well as some “caulking” or “striping” along the border-hopefully to provide some drainage so the corners don’t get so slippery. The splashpad texture is still concrete, so please be careful with kids running. The edges where the benches…

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