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veterans day

Veterans’ Day-Worksheets, History and more

Veterans’ Day is often confused with Memorial Day. While Memorial Day honors those who have died for our country, Veterans’ Day honors living veterans, as...

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10 Ways to Innovate and De-stress at Home with Kids During School Closures

Getting Started It was Socrates who once said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but...

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Have you ever thought Chickens were cute? Or wondered if the chicken or the egg came first? Join us on our discovery of Chickens! Chicken...

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Monkeying Around

I joke around that my kids are little monkeys. They love to climb and swing, and have tons of energy. Monkeys are one of the...

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No Cheating for Cheetahs

Did you love our Lions? Well, you will love our information about Cheetahs too! Cheetahs usually live about 10-12 years in the wild and are...

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roar like a lion


Lions usually live in groups of 15 or morein groups called prides. They hunt prey, raise cubs and defend territory. The females do most of...

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southwest life podcast

Nancy Manos AFHE

Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) Vicki: Welcome to the Southwest life podcast with your host, me, Vicki de Luzio, where we will talk about...

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When I started getting the information together for bears, I didn’t realize what a wealth of information I would find. Did you know there are...

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learning about muscles


Do you want to work your muscles or learn about them? Check out all these great ways for kids to learn about how their bodies...

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This is for the birds

This is For The Birds!

Every week, I’ll be sharing what fun things our kids will be learning out so you can learn along with us. I know it can...

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10 fun science experiments

10 Fun Science Experiments at Home

We love doing science experiments in our home. And, the best thing about these science experiments is that you can also modify them and see...

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dealing with everyone being home?

Dealing with Everyone Being at Home

When my husband and I first were married, we both worked outside of the home I drove an hour (plus) each way to work. He...

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Successful Schooling

Successfully Schooling

Whether you are homeschooling your children, putting them in preschool for the first time, or sending them off to college, I believe these tips are...

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thinking about homeschooling

Are you thinking about Homeschooling in Arizona?

Make sure you also check out our Frequently Asked Questions Post as well! School work, kids schedules, work schedules, large class sizes and personalized education...

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chalkboard how long does it take to homeschool

How long does it take to Homeschool my child?

A question I often receive from people who are asking about homeschooling it “How Long will it take to Homeschool my child?” Unfortunately, that is...

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