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Valentine’s Day for Kids

Oh, and if you are wondering why we put the apostrophe where we do-Here you go! Valentine’s Worksheets Valentine’s Day Craft-2nd-5th grade Valentine’s Day STem-K-5th...

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veterans day

Veterans’ Day-Worksheets, History and more

Veterans’ Day is often confused with Memorial Day. While Memorial Day honors those who have died for our country, Veterans’ Day honors living veterans, as...

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BrainSTEM Planet Cards

BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards- Planets

Are your kids learning about Planets, Cells and Dinosaurs? Check our the BrainSTEM Augmented 4D Reality Cards! BrainSTEM 4d Augmented Reality Flashcards are your go...

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When I started getting the information together for bears, I didn’t realize what a wealth of information I would find. Did you know there are...

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learning about muscles


Do you want to work your muscles or learn about them? Check out all these great ways for kids to learn about how their bodies...

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musings of a 10der heart

Musings of a 10der Heart

Musings of a 10der (tender) Heart By Bev Galligan is a wonderful book, especially for girls. If you have ever had a little sister (or...

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Code Ninjas

Code Ninjas Scottsdale

Code Ninjas in Scottsdale is one of the fastest growing Franchisees in the country! Do you have a coder on your hands? A kid who...

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Munchie Coding class

CenturyLink Teachers and Technology

Technology is an ever-changing area in our world today, and I’m happy to be able to tell you all about CenturyLink’s Teachers and Technology Program!...

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thinking about homeschooling

Are you thinking about Homeschooling in Arizona?

Make sure you also check out our Frequently Asked Questions Post as well! School work, kids schedules, work schedules, large class sizes and personalized education...

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chalkboard how long does it take to homeschool

How long does it take to Homeschool my child?

A question I often receive from people who are asking about homeschooling it “How Long will it take to Homeschool my child?” Unfortunately, that is...

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facebook arizona science center

Arizona Science Center

Update 2019! Now that I have a lovely new camera, I love being able to post new photos. Since many of the exhibits are the...

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Myths about homeschooling you should read no matter your stance

I very recently had a lovely discussion with a lady about homeschooling. I met her while at a play place, handed her my card and...

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sky zone peoria

Sky Zone Peoria

While much of SkyZone is the same, there are few differences! Updated 2018! There is no more “Toddler” area like before at SkyZone. It has...

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